Panorama mode for the stock camera app has always been talked about. Apple officially released the panorama mode in iOS 6. But it worked only on devices later than iPhone 4S.

There have been a lot of workarounds including using some other app to capture photos and some Cydia tweaks. PanoMod is a Cydia tweak that makes taking panorama photos enormously easy. And perfect.

PanoMod is a free tweak from BigBoss. It enables panorama capture for all the devices that run iOS 6. So basically, we’re talking about a tweak that unlocks the panorama functionality for devices that Apple doesn’t support by default.

Panomod Cydia Tweak

I think the tweak exploits a part of iOS 6 code that was revealed to hide / disable the panorama mode for devices like the iPhone 4, 3GS etc. Much before iOS 6, developers found that Apple was playing around with panorama even as back as iOS 5.x but the feature only made it in the iPhone 5 when iOS 6 was released.

PanoMod works in a simple, straight-forward manner. Once installed, you go to Settings → PanoMod and enable the feature. (It’s disabled by default).

You can customize a bunch of things like:

  • Instruction text under the Panorama slider
  • The maximum width of the panorama image
  • The preview width of the panorama image
  • If you tap on the panorama slider while capturing, it changes the direction (right-to-left/left-to-right)
  • Flash options (on/off/auto for panorama)
  • Zoom options

Like I said, there are a bunch of apps and tweaks that enable Panorama but not to the extent that PanoMod does. The additional controls and customization options makes the PanoMod tweak quite powerful and a must-have if you want to capture panoramas.

PanoMod is a free tweak so that’s even better! You’ll find the tweak in Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

  • anon

    hey … bro can you tell where does this panaroma is saved…thanksss.

  • Tupring

    Won’t install on iPhone 3GS…

    • Adil

      cydia > search “PanoMod” install. reset device.. go to setting >PanoMod> Enable panorama . enjoy. its awesome and work for me. Pm me if you need help you need to add repo source ;)