[Review] PalPic Photo Editing App for iPhone and iPad: 100+ Promo codes for Giveaway

PalPic photo editing app for iPhone and iPad allows you to add a variety of different stickers and personalized text in several languages to your images. Is it exciting enough to be given a try on your iPhone? Find out...

I had never been so fond of capturing photos until iPhone arrived. With social networking becoming a craze, I never realized when mobile photography became a joy for me. Sharing great shots with friends is a wonderful experience. Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are the absolute delight for folks who love sharing captured moments.

A new app called “PalPic” developed by Persotech Company Limited endeavors to bring more fun into your photo sharing experience. The ability to let you add stickers and personalized text in several different languages makes this a superb tool. But, is it worth giving a look at given that you already have tons of options to customize your photos? More after the jump…

PalPic iPhone and iPad Photo Editing App

PalPic Photo Editing App for iPhone and iPad

More than 7000 Stickers in 11 Languages

The biggest highlight of PalPic is the massive collection of over 7000 stickers as many as 11 different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Thai.


Hence, if you want to impress one of your friends who are from other countries, you won’t have to worry about finding the best sticker that can express the true feelings. That’s not all; the app will continue to get more stickers to never let you run out of choice.

Personalized Text

At times language tends to prevent you from expressing your true feelings to your friend. As for instance, if you are from the USA, you may not be able to convey your message to your Spanish friend with the desired impact.

This app has tried to reduce the language barrier by letting you customize word. It includes fonts in several languages such as Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Thai.

15 Awesome Filters

The app consists of 15 filters to help you bring the much-wanted effect to your shots. The filter effect enhances the quality of your pic instantly. It’s something you would want to ensure your pics look stand out. Moreover, adding filters is as easy as it ever gets.

How to Add Sticker, Text to Photos on iPhone and iPad using PalPic

Step #1. Download PalPic on your iOS device. Once it has been successfully installed, launch it. Allow the app to access your photos, camera and microphone.

Step #2. Next, you can either use your existing images or capture new ones. In this test, I’m going to snap a cool selfie.

Step #3. Now, you can rotate as well as resize the pic as per your liking. To rotate the pic, tap on the curved arrow at the bottom.

Rotate or Resize Photo in PicPal iPhone AppTo adjust the size of the image, tap on the resize button at the bottom. Then, select the preferred size. Next, adjust the pic manually. Once done, tap on Crop button at the top right corner.

Crop Image in PicPal iPhone App

Step #4. Tap on Next at the upper right corner.

Tap on Next in PicPal iPhone App

Step #5. Choose your desired filter effect. There are several options such as Instant, Fade, Transfer and more. I am going to select Process. Then, tap on Resume.

Apply Filter in PicPal iPhone AppNow, tap on Add Sticker tab at the bottom. You will be taken to a huge list of stickers in 11 languages. You can also search any sticker by tapping on the search button and entering the name of the sticker you are looking for. I am going to search a sticker related to love.

You will get some stickers to choose from. Pick the one you like and tap on it. Adjust it by dragging it to the right place on the image. You can increase/decrease its size as well.

To add words to your photo, tap on Abc button at the bottom right corner. Write the text, place it at the desired place on the photo. If you are not happy with its size, you can resize it as well.

Step #6. Finally, tap on Save & Share at the top right corner.

Share PalPic Photo on Social AppsNext, you have the option to share the pic via Facebook, Instagram or Email. I will share it with my Facebook friends.

That’s it!

The Verdict

PalPic is pretty simple. What makes it very handy is the huge album of stickers available in several languages. Though you may not find it compelling enough initially, it will slowly become a gem for your social networking experience.

Price: Free
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