PadBot T1 Virtual Independent Telepresence Robot

PadBot T1 Micro Virtual Independent Robot

Gone are the days when real-time communication used to be a far-fetched affair. This is the age of ultra-modern smartphones and social media powered by supremely fast internet where live interaction has become unbelievably easy. Indeed, the roller-coaster innovation has been an incredible affair, and it’s getting better each day!

Life has become more active today than ever before. Hence, it’s a bit difficult to remain tied at a place and not miss our friends and loved ones for long. How about using a telepresence robot to stay in touch with those who matter a lot to us smartly?

PadBot T1- The New-Age Tele-Presence Robot

Tele-presence robot has existed for quite some time. It’s a nice way to make your presence felt from far off. As for instance, you can make your baby or pet feel that you are with it even if you are away.

Meet the new-age telepresence robot called “PadBot T1.” What I like most about this elegant device is that it turns your iPhone into a tiny robot.

Whether you wish to interact with your friends in your college canteen, get into a lengthy discussion with your colleagues at the office or show your great love to your pet, the PadBot allows you to do that with fun.

Enhances Video-Calling Experience

PadBot T1 Independent Robot

This telepresence robot has been designed to let you enhance the video-calling experience. Just place your iPhone onto it and go ahead with your lively video calling.

Mimic Your Physical Movement

You can connect the device to your Wi-Fi or 4G connections to control it remotely or mimic your physical movement using your iPhone or Android device.

The agile turning motion enables the T1 to move freely forward and backward as desired. So, you can effortlessly maneuver it with utmost ease to check out what’s going on in your office, dining hall or even classroom.

Quick Charging

PadBot T1 Charging Time

Apart from being a handy robot, it works as an efficient charger for your iPhone. Simply hook your device to the charging connector and let it get juiced up comfortably.

Anti-fall mechanism

PadBot T1 Antifall Mechanism

The anti-fall system prevents it from falling. While you are enjoying your memorable conversation with your friends using this smart robot, the anti-fall mechanism ensures it doesn’t fall off elevated surfaces even if it reaches too close to an edge.


PadBot T1 Portability

What sets it apart is the portable design that makes it very convenient to carry. It can easily slip into your small bag or briefcase.

The aluminum alloy shell embellishes its look and feel.

Price and Availability

You can buy a PadBot T1 at $89 (early bird price). The estimated delivery date is October 2016.

The Verdict

PadBot T1 Robot

Considering the advanced features and the ability to bring about incredible convenience the way you interact with your friends remotely, PadBot T1 is worth giving an instant shot.

“At under $90, the telepresence robot seems to be like a hot cake which you would love to grab sooner than later.”

Read more at Kickstarter.

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