Packing Planner iPhone App – Takes the Stress Out of Packing for Travel

Packing for travel is one of those dreaded things because you’re bound to miss packing something no matter how hard you try to remember it. It’s easier when you jot down things. And that’s exactly why travel packing planner apps come in handy.

Packing Planner for the iPhone/iPad is an easy-to-use app which lets you jot down all the things that you want to pack for your travel. With a simple interface, 100% customization and a collection of other features, Packing Planner makes sure you don’t forget things when you pack for a tour.

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Packing Planner iPhone App


Packing Planner iPhone App Review

Usability is one of the first things that matter. If an app is not easy-to-use – especially an app that is supposed to help you focus on other things – it is not worth your time. When you are packing things, what you really need is an easy way to add items to a master list.

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In that aspect, Packing Planner is quite friendly and usable. You have this huge master-list to pick from – which more or less contains all the important things that a person would pack for travel. You can also add items on the fly: quickly and easily. And that makes things simple.

Categories make sorting or packing easier too. This means you don’t have to pick things off the shelf randomly. Instead, categories them on the app and you can be organized.


Packing Planner App for iDevicePacking Planner iPad App

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What drives Packing Planner’s ease-of-use is the interface. For starters, there’s nothing fancy here. Even though the app runs on firmware as old as iOS 5.0, the interface is reminiscent of the modern, flat changes that Apple introduced in iOS 7.

Clear,well-spaced typography and a good choice of colors make the app an inviting experience for anyone planning their tour in a hurry.


There are, of course, many more features to add to the list:

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  • Master catalog: you can edit the master-list too in case you want to remove or add things to the list.
  • Easy categorization: this is extremely helpful when you have a lot of things to pack, and you need a clear way of making sure you have got them all accounted for.
  • No logins, sign-ups etc. Install and start using it right away.
  • Share your packing list with your friends via Email. Of course, more collaborative features would be amazing.
  • You can also print your packing list.

While the app is free for the first two trips, you will have to upgrade via an in-app purchase ($0.99) to unlock the limitation. There are no subscriptions, no recurrent fees. Just the in-app purchase.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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