Outsmart Your iPhone: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Data Usage

With the recent development in technology, it is just to mention that devices such as iPhones have taken over the means persons are using to send and receive data globally. The emergence of newer, faster and better versions of the Smartphone attests to the demand for this technology and its use in the global market today.

The iPhones have a variety of functions besides the basic calling and texting capabilities. It enables its users to use various applications to watch videos on YouTube, stream or download music, videos, and movies as well as many other applications.

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iPhone Data Usage

However, using such applications uses up a lot of data hence the iPhone user has to equally spend a lot to cover this usage.

With this information, it has become vital for iPhone users to find ways of minimizing data usage without compromising their ability to enjoy services provided by these phones.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Data Usage

Monitor the data usage

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Reducing data usage on an iPhone also means having the ability to check how much data is used and when one goes overboard with it. This can be done by checking the cellular network data sent fro time to time and resetting statistics at the start of a new session. This enables the user to check how much data is used per hotspot session.

It is also important to close all applications that are not in use regularly as this also reduces data usage. This enables an individual to choose a suitable payment plan depending on how much data is used.

Using alternative internet connection

Alternative sources of internet connection can also be used to download information for instance users should be in the habit of connecting to the wireless network when they want to download or stream music. This is important in situations where the individual wishes to download large amounts of data.

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Applications that enable excessive cellular data to use such as iCloud, Amazon Cloud, and Google music will increase the bill to be paid if not regulated or substituted by other networks such as Wi-Fi. Also, users of such phones should realize that having the unlimited data does not give a person warranty to use it as they please. For instance, in the case of replying to emails, an individual should gauge the urgency of a reply and determine whether it can wait till access to a computer can be obtained.

Entertainment by less expensive means

Streaming and downloading of music, videos and movies should only be done when necessary. It is no secret that social networking sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu have Smartphone presence and if used too often can cause data usage bills to escalate unless used on wireless networks.

Also, users can keep in touch using applications such as Whatsapp messenger, iMessenger and others hence cutting down on data usage. Other applications such as the weather updates are not a necessity hence, should be turned off.

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It may also assist an iPhone user to carry out prior research on applications that use less data before downloading the regular applications. With this information at hand, users should be able to use their data in reasonable amounts and with less- escalated bills to pay.

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