Range of iPhone 6s Cases from OtterBox to Give your iPhone New Look with Protection

The long awaited iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s were announced by Apple yesterday. We saw a huge response from Apple lovers at the event launch of iPhone 6s and the reason is users are keenly looking forward for enhanced features and improved performance in their smartphones. The device is expected to arrive in the market by September 16th and many are already looking forward to protect their iPhone’s.

Today, we have come up with some amazing cases for your iPhone 6s manufactured by OtterBox. As we all know that OtterBox is one of the most popular brands, especially known for iPhone’s cases. We have already listed the top 5 cases for iPhone 6 delivered by OtterBox and today we are going to list the cases for the iPhone 6s users.

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OtterBox iPhone 6s Cases

There are many companies that provide cases for different models of iPhone, but not many impressed the users as compared to OtterBox. Isn’t it? And that’s the reason why we aim to provide the best iPhone 6s cases to our readers on iGeeksBlog. Not making you wait anymore, let’s now see the top 6 OtterBox cases for iPhone 6s:

#1. The Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6s Cases

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Defender Series iPhone 6s cases are specially designed for the users who drag use their devices roughly. The most interesting about the Defender Series is, one of the cases gives you a chance to customize your case for iPhone 6s. By this, it is possible to build your own case with ease. Even if you drop your iPhone from a certain height and you have the Defender case covered on the device, there is nothing to worry because this case will protect your device even if it is dropped from 2 or 3 meters. Besides that, screen protection is also available. There are many variants in this series, right from the variation in color to design; you can pick your favorite case online.

Price Range: $29.95 – $59.95
Read more at OtterBox.com.

#2. Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 6s Cases

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There are two cases available in Commuter Series. One is customizable and another one is a simple black case. The case has 2 layer protections that ensure that even if your iPhone 6s slips from your hands it’s always safe. And most importantly, it gives your device a screen protection, which is an additional advantage. When you cover your iPhone 6s with Commuter Series case, it gives a new and stylish look to your smartphone. In addition to that, it also protects your device from the dust when you often travel longer distances.

Price Range: $34.95 – $39.90
Find more at OtterBox.com.

#3. Symmetry Series

OtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone 6s Cases

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Well, this series is especially for those who want to give their iPhone 6s a new style and make it look different from others. Symmetry Series cases for iPhone 6s come with a variety of back cover colors, designs and curves. Few cases like blue print, Eden teal, Damson berry, Teal rose, Carbon fiber metallic, Poppy petal, Brazilian pop etc gives you chance to pick the design your love for your iPhone 6s case. The cases come with drop protection and scratch protection that is just like icing on the cake for the iPhone lovers.

Price Range: $39.95 – $44.95
Log on to OtterBox.com for more information.

#4. MySymmetry Series

OtterBox MySymmetry Series iPhone 6s Cases

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MySymmetry Series has just 3 variants for iPhone 6s users. Two of them are Clear/Black Crystal and Ink Blot Pink. In Black Crystal, there are total 5 colors available and in Ink Blot Pink, 30 color variants are available. This gives you a chance to pick your favorite color and the design for your iPhone 6s. Apart from these two, the third case is customizable when you shop online according to your needs. It’s quite easy to remove or replace a case when you use MySymmetry Series for your iPhone 6s. All the three cases provide you drop protection, which is quite essential when you buy a case cover for your device.

Price Range: $6.95 – $46.90
Read more information at OtterBox.com.

#5. Commuter Series Wallet Case

OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet Case for iPhone 6s

Commuter Series is something that is unique in the list. Although it comes in a single variant, you can customize the shell and slipcover color. And this series is also unique because it comes with a wallet drawer where you can store few bucks or cash cards with ease. In that case, you need not carry your wallet anymore. Dust protection, screen protection and drop protection is also offered by the Commuter Series case for iPhone 6s. It is easy to store anything in your wallet that is flat and small in size. You can also adjust the size if you are looking forward to use this case for your iPhone 6. Overall, it’s packed with lot of features and it is worth purchasing it if you are looking forward to buy iPhone cases.

Price: $44.90
Find more at OtterBox.com.

#6. Starda Series

OtterBox Starda Series iPhone 6s Case

Looking for genuine leather case with a screen cover? Starda Series case is just made for you. Rather than just providing the back cover for iPhone 6s, this series provides a screen cover made with leather. And that ensures there are no more scratches on the screen. It is sleek in design and most probably the best in style when it comes to professional look. This OtterBox case also has a card slot where you can easily store your credit or debit cards without any hassles. The drop protection is certified and engineered to withstand the bumps and drops when your iPhone 6s is dropped.

Price: $49.95
Visit OtterBox.com for more information.

So, this was the list of OtterBox cases, do share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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