Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Cases – Slim Down Ultimate Protection

The Otterbox iPhone 5/5s cases are amazing. Most people associate Otterbox with the Defender series but the company has got several other options too.

Otterbox is a brand that’s been identified with a particularly high level of quality. Sure, there is some costly stuff here but you get what you pay for.

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From slim and non-bulky cases to stylish ones, here are the popular series of Otterbox cases for iPhone 5/5s.

1. The Prefix Series

Otterbox Prefix Series Case for iPhone 5

The Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Prefix Series is one of the basic models in Otterbox cases and despite it being the “basic” variant, it stands as one of the strongest cases ever. It’s a neat, flexible and highly durable case for the iPhone 5/5s which is aimed at the casual user. It’s like the case you’d want when you want to carry your iPhone 5/5s in your pocket and yet, not feel very uncomfortable.
Key Feature: Slim.

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Price: $24.95
Buy Otterbox Prefix Series

2. The Commuter Series

Otterbox Commuter Series Case for iPhone

For some of the users though, a bulkier case is just okay as long as it offers a better level of protection. The Prefix Series is good enough but the Commuter series for iPhone 5/5s is a stronger variant. It’s slightly bulky and thick but along with it comes the added protection from shocks, rough scratches and more. There are two-layers of protection along with the default self-adhesive screen protector.

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Price: $34.95
Buy Otterbox Commuter Series

3. The Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5

Otterbox is almost always known for its Defender series cases. Almost everyone who buys Otterbox opts for these and in fact, it’s so popular that people have come to associate Otterbox with the Defender series. The Defender series of iPhone 5/5s cases is undeniably one of the best heavy-duty cases you can ever get for your smartphone. It’s bulky, comes with a huge bevel for the bumper, has an enormously strong framework, and prevents any damage due to drops, accidental shocks etc. We don’t need to review it actually: it’s as popular as the iPhone 5/5s itself.

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The Defender series has a Realtree Camo variation that adds some spice to the otherwise serious case.

Price: $49.95 – $59.95
Buy Otterbox Defender Series

4. Otterbox Armor Series for iPhone 5:

Otterbox Armor Series for iPhone 5

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Otterbox just got their Armor series (Waterproof, shatter-proof, dust-proof and whatnot) out for the iPhone 5. That’s going to cost you a solid $100 but it comes with the ultimate protection for your iPhone 5, no matter where you take it. Sun, sand, storms, swimming and all those accidental drops from more than six feet. The waterproof iPhone 5 case has been dubbed as one of the best cases ever and it looks like it might be just the thing if you’re really serious about protecting your iPhone 5.

Price: $99
Buy Armor Series for iPhone 5

5. Otterbox Preserver Series

Otterbox Preserver iPhone 5s Waterproof Case
The Preserver series for iPhone 5s/5 is a highly protective waterproof case. It’s a two-piece case designed specifically for protection from water and snow. Since it’s Otterbox, the case is also designed to withstand drops up to 6.6ft. Oh yeah, you can drop the case with your smartphone in the water too. The pieces are attached together with what is called an “overmolded” rubber. Polycarbonate makes the case rigid and tough but keeps it lightweight. Protection from dust and dirt included.

Price: $89.95
Buy Preserver Series

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