Update: The Otterbox Armor series case now sells forĀ $99.95. You can buy it here.

Say Otterbox and you’re thinking of bulky, high-performance, powerful and the macho case for your iPhone that’s going to protect it from everything.

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Everything? Well, till now, that’s been “almost everything” but from February 22nd this year now, it’s certainly going to be “everything” in its truest sense. Why? Because they got their water-proof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof case coming!

Yup. Otterbox Armor Series case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4(S) promises one of the best cases for your smartphone: an all-in-one case that can protect your iPhone from water, dust, drops and even accidental crush between the doors. How much more powerful can it get?

In our earlier coverage on water-proof iPhone cases we had briefly mentioned about this particular Otterbox Armour case but details weren’t available back then. Now, both the case and the details are here.

Otterbox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4(S)

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Otterbox calls it the “toughest case ever built.” Looking at the specs, I guess I’d concur. Here’s what the website says:

The Armor Series is waterproof for 30 minutes in 6.6 ft. of water, survives 10 ft. drops, allows for zero entry of dust and debris and can withstand two tons of crushing force.

Two tons of crushing force isn’t something you’d actually expect your iPhone to experience generally but the case is going full-scale with the protection. But how do they get this whole thing done? I mean, it’s a case after all: how does an armor case protect your iPhone 5 from almost every conceivable possibility of damage?

That’s when you look at the specs which don’t look unusual individually but collectively, they just blow your imagination out.

Silicone Bed: makes sure the iPhone 5 is neatly cushioned inside the case. The ribbed design prevents any shock to the device by absorbing all of it.

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Screen Protector: There’s no water-proof case without a fantastic screen protector. Coming from Otterbox, you’d expect one of the finest and that’s precisely what seems to be on offer. I’m guessing they reinforced their previous screen protector shells to make sure there isn’t any way a scratch is going to affect the screen protector, much less the iPhone screen.

Camera Cover: is a cleverly designed cover for the camera which goes a long way in making sure your camera is protected. Much more than that, the design makes sure the whole thing is sealed shut when not in use. Prevents dust from getting in through the gaps.

Metal Latch: This and the heavy reinforced plastic are going to add a lot of weight to the case but Otterbox is taking no chance with the water-proof case. The latch is designed to make fitting the iPhone into the case easy.

Accessibility: none of it supposedly comes at the expense of accessibility. Buttons are easily accessible, the screen is readily available, the headphone jack is protected but not tucked away to oblivion and most interestingly, the silicone cover secures the charging docks fabulously to prevent any water or moisture getting through anywhere.

You can purchase the Otterbox iPhone 5 Armor case from here.

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