The Otterbox iON Intelligence Defender Series case for the iPhone 4/4S is one of its kind. And it is three functions rolled up into one accessory.

If you use your iPhone a lot and need a lot of juice packs for your iPhone, you’ve probably looked around and stumbled on a few battery cases for the iPhone. They’re good, no doubt about it, but what if the battery cases can do a lot more?

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I don’t know if someone else thought about it or if someone is working on it but the #1 case-maker in the US, Otterbox, has released something tactical. The Defender Series with iON Intelligence.

So what exactly is the iON Intelligence?

Otterbox iON Intelligence Case

Like I said, the case is three things rolled into one:

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1). An Otterbox Defender case, the glories of which need no introduction.
2). A battery pack which more than doubles up your iPhone’s life
3). And a smart (or the smartest?) battery status indicator. Not just for the case’s built-in battery but for your iPhone’s battery too, based on your usage stat!

I’ve never come across a case/accessory that’s smart enough to judge the remaining juice on your iPhone based on your current user profile but may be I’m just not so knowledgeable. But when you see Otterbox’s Defender series do this thing, it sure looks awesome.

The technique is simple: Otterbox’s iON case will charge your iPhone 4/4S to 100% every time the battery on your iPhone falls to less than 60%. The case comes with a smart app that can be installed on the iPhone. Together, the app and the case monitor the battery and work smartly to keep it charged. Indicators on the case make sure you have a clear idea of how much charging capacity is left in the case. Once it goes down, all you’ve got to do is connect the case and recharge it.

As to the protective nature of the case, I guess you all know how hard, tough and protective the Defender Series is. The same features are carried over to this case. It’s just that it has a battery and in all probability a brain of its own. It’s smart.

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The case is available for US residents only. The price is $129.95. Yeah, it’s pricey but it’s worth it. The case is currently only compatible with iPhone 4/4S.

Video Review of Otterbox iON Intelligence

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