OS X Yosemite Features

Obviously, Steve Jobs’s vision is still live and kicking and the folks at Apple are working to fulfill it. At the WWDC 2014, Craig Federighi unveiled OS X “Yosemite”, the next major upgrade to its Mac OS X software.

OS X 10.10 is not just a cosmetic update. Sure, it has all the features of design that lead us to believe in that iOS/OS X unification theory but much more than that, OS X “Yosemite” is a huge step towards integration, “continuity”, productivity and some classic UI/UX changes that looks amazing.

OS X Yosemite Features

OS X Yosemite Features

  • iCloud Drive
  • Notification Center + Widgets
  • The Spotlight
  • Continuity
  • Mail (Markup and Mail Drop)
  • SMS and Call on Mac
  • Dark Mode, AirDrop

iCloud Drive

One of the biggest additions to OS X (and iOS 8) is iCloud Drive. We’ve always had this craving for a file manager for iCloud and it finally arrives. This is terrific because you now have a complete control and freedom over what you do with your iCloud space. You can store all your iWork documents and you can store almost any type of a file in that drive. There’s 5GB free storage (as is the case with iCloud).

What’s even more amazing is that iCloud Drive works on OS X as well as iOS 8. And Windows. Yeah, you got that right.

Notification Center and Widgets

The Notification Center takes on an iOS-ish look now. There’s the translucent black background from iOS 7 which is now a part of OS X Yosemite. But what is even more interesting is widgets: you can add calendar, reminders, calculator, stocks etc. as widgets to the notification center.


Spotlight has some major changes in OS X Yosemite. First off, the spotlight search is now a universal text-box that shows up right in the center of the screen. You can type anything and spotlight will search your local data and the web smartly. You can search contacts, find information on Wikipedia/Google, search websites and much more.


This is the highlight of iOS and OS X Yosemite. Continuity is a feature that lets you continue your work from anywhere. If you were typing a mail on your iPad and left it midway, you can continue working on that email from your Mac. And vice-versa. This is one of those hugely useful features that an user in an Apple ecosystem will absolutely love.

SMS & Calls on Mac

Craig showed something called Instant Hotspot and then followed it up with a feature that’s another feather in the cap for OS X Yosemite. In OS X 10.10, you can actually receive calls (and make calls) right on your Mac via your iPhone! When you get a call on your iPhone (which is on the same network as your Mac), your Mac will show you a notification about the call along with buttons to pick the call right on your Mac.

Mail Markup and Mail Drop

A cool little addition to the Mail app on OS X Yosemite is Markup: you add an image to your email and now you can add markup to the image. You can mark parts of the image, add text as comments etc. What was amazing was a demo of how crude arrows and dialog bubbles were automatically converted into perfect ones automatically!

In addition to these demonstrated features, OS X Yosemite has a Dark Mode. And for users who want to share stuff from their iOS devices, OS X Yosemite supports AirDrop!

We’ll be adding more material to this as we get wind of all the major changes to OS X. Make sure you follow us.