Optrix PhotoProX: Waterproof iPhone 5s/5 Case with Lenses for Underwater Photography


It is not often that you want to take your iPhone 5 or 5s underwater as you go snorkeling. Given the limited options for good-quality waterproof cases, no one wants to risk getting the iPhone wet. But what if you definitely want to use your iPhone to capture underwater moments (basically because underwater cameras are too costly and so is a waterproof case for digicams)?

It’s a niche market and that’s what Optrix PhotoProX seems to target with its set of waterproof case and set of four interchangeable lenses for underwater iPhone photography. How does it stack up against the world of waterproof iPhone cases? Let’s check it out.

Optrix PhotoProX: Waterproof iPhone 5s/5 Case with Lenses for Underwater Photography


The Optrix PhotoProX has two parts (excluding the lenses that can be attached/detached). The inner case mounts on your iPhone to make sure it sits firmly inside the external waterproof case.

The inner case, made of high-grade rubberized material keeps the iPhone safe, protected from accidental drops. The spec sheet says that the case can withstand drops of up to 30ft although a value far less than this is more realistic.

The external rugged case is the clam-shell-waterproof case that prevents water from seeping into the case. The top of the case comes with a snap-cover that clamps shut and seals the case. The official spec sheet says that the PhotoProX is tested under 33ft of water. There’s an IPX8  rating for the case.

Optrix PhotoProX iPhone 5s Waterproof CaseTHE LENSES

The final piece of the case is the lens. There are four lenses in the $150 set. At any given point, you’ve got to have one of these lenses attached to the case (that completes the case and makes it completely waterproof).

The four lenses are:

  • Telephoto
  • Macro
  • Fisheye
  • Low profile (normal)

Obviously, depending on the type of photo/video you want to capture, you can use any of the four lenses.


Reviews about PhotoProX have pointed out that the lenses are good. There is some vignetting in both the photos and the videos but this is somewhat expected out of the normal-grade lenses. But what is interesting is that you can almost effortlessly record pictures and photos underwater with the case on. It’s a little bulky but it doesn’t hinder the usability. And since it’s one of the lightest waterproof clam-shell cases in town, it wins.

As an add-on feature, all PhotoProX cases are designed to be ready for a mount. Optrix sells a lot of these mounts so you can pick them up depending on your need.


The Optrix PhotoProX is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s and even the 5c.

Optrix PhotoProX might not be at the far end of the spectrum of high-grade waterproof cases like the Otterbox Defender but it balances several things: photography (lenses), light-weight, good waterproof protection etc.

Optrix PhotoProX costs $149.95.

Buy PhotoProX from here.

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