Split View is an extra ordinary iOS 9 feature for iPad; with it, you can have two apps running simultaneously on the same screen. This makes yours multi tasking experience much smoother. Safari does not support Split View feature within its tabs, and so we have to seek for some app which does the job.

Sidefari app available on App Store is a companion to your Safari browser, and lets you have two tabs on same screen simultaneously. With the help of this app, you can view two different websites on the same screen of your iPad; making your browsing experience much easier.

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Open Two Browsers in Safari on iPad with Sidefari iPad App

You’ll have to spend a dollar to get this app developed by Francisco Cantu, but it is completely worth it. If you have lot of internet browsing habits. Using this app is a piece of cake, even for a novice. A few taps to setup and you are good to go. Just check the guide below for details.

How to Open Two Browser Windows side-by-side in iPad Safari

Step #1. Download Sidefari app

Step #2. Once download is finished, launch Safari App

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Step #3. Tap on the boxed Share icon on top-right

Step #4. Now tap on More by scrolling the activities list.

Step #5. Toggle ON Sidefari option and drag it to the top of list.

Now you can easily send any webpage from Safari to work on Sidefari Split View option. There is one downside to this; you won’t be able to change the URL in Sidefari browser. Yes, you can obviously use Chrome or other browser along with Safari to work on Split View. But if in case you are a diehard fan of Safari browser, this is the only work around available for the moment.

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Price: $ 0.99
Download Sidefari

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