OneAdaptr Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter

The world constantly relies on the power of ONE. If a single unit, a single piece or a product serves the purpose of many different products, people would discard the idea of buying anything extra.

This concept of one strikes the right chord with globetrotters as they are supposed to jump from one country to another. And during their journey, they carry different things including their communication devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. While they pack their bags, they ensure that they travel light, but somehow they can’t manage everything.

OneAdaptr Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter

Among many other unnecessary things, separate chargers for each device would add a little bulk to their bags. And the solution is Twist Plus+ Macbook World Adapter from ONEADAPTR.

Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter: Universal Adapter

Twist Plus Macbook Adapter

This universal adapter is designed ergonomically to suit the need of every user in general and every traveler in particular. Its compatibility in more than 150 countries makes it truly a global product. This adapter is primarily designed for charging your Macbook, however, it can also charge other Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apart from Apple products, you can also charge other devices like power banks, digital cameras, portable Bluetooth speakers and other smartphones. Its compact design enables it to be stored conveniently in your travel bag and saves more than 40% of space.

Ergonomic Design

Twist Plus Macbook Adapter by OneAdaptr

If it is a universal adapter, it has to be compact and ergonomic. TWIST PLUS MACBOOK WORLD ADAPTER boasts both qualities. Look at the shape and design of the adapter; it looks just a little bigger than an inhaler used by asthma patients. Its round shape makes it convenient to place anywhere in your travel bag or laptop bag. You can easily rotate the adapter to use multiple plugs. ONEADAPTR has also utilized the space by offering two USB ports to charge iPhone and other smart devices.

Excellent Features

TWIST Plus Universal Power Adapter for Mac

TWIST PLUS MACBOOK WORLD ADAPTER is a feature-rich product for all users. This universal adapter has got built-in 2.4A 12W high power USB charger. Moreover, this all-in-one adapter contains new twist and release mechanism, which makes it easy to use; so if you want to use Plug-UK, Plug-EU or Plug-US & AU sockets, gently press the release button and rotate the adapter in any direction. One by one, the plugs will pop up. Appreciate its universal AC power outlet, which makes its compatible in more than 150 countries. It has built-fuse protection; it’s light & compact and therefore, it can be your perfect travel companion.

Technical Specifications

  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240Vac
  • AC Max. Power: AC 125V ~ 3A / AC 250V ~ 3A
  • USB Max. Output Power: 5Vdc ~ 2.4A
  • USB Input Power: 100 ~ 250 Vac
  • Fuse: 3A
  • Worldwide Patent Pending

Twist Plus is designed according to the need of the hour. The world has become a global village; people are frequently traveling across the globe and with them travel their communication devices batteries of which need charging. Hence, a one-in-all adapter is the best solution for such users. Moreover, an adapter like this also allows user to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Price: $24.99
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