A fact that I’ll need to admit is that I’m not an intensive gamer. In fact, I don’t usually play games on smartphones unless it’s really interesting but not sophisticated. That’s why Letterpress caught on but games like Clash of Clans didn’t.

So, when one neighbor’s kid came in running to show a new game on his Android, I wasn’t all that interested. At first glance, it looked like an arcade racing game with a rickety old car and a Cartoonish game-play. But I made a note of the game nevertheless. It was called Hill Climb Racing.

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Last week (or a little more than that), I decided to take a look at the top downloads in the App Store and quite interestingly, this game’s name came up. I thought I’ll try it anyway just to kill some time.

I ended up getting glued to the game.

Hill Climb Racing iPhone Game

Cartoonish, But Addictive

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Imagine my surprise when I found out that Forbes did a cover on this game just a couple of days back! It sure is very popular.

 Hill Climb Racing is an awesomely addictive physics based driving game where you face the challenges of six unique hill climbing environments

The fact that it’s addictive goes without saying.  The graphics are simple and so is the gameplay. There isn’t really anything sophisticated about it other than the good physics applied to the game.

You drive over six various environments ranging from a green hill to the Moon where gravity is one-sixth of that on Earth (so the game really becomes interesting).

You also have the option of choosing between three cars: a normal rickety one, a monster truck and a race car. Of course, you’ll need to collect points before you can unlock the cars or the levels.

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Fun All The Way

It’s fun all the way – there’s no strategy to think of, there’s no brain-racking thinking to do and there’s no opponent to compete against (not even time, only fuel). If you’re like me, you’ll take an instant liking to the game just because it’s a really interesting and fun game to play.

And Free

Hill Climb Racing is currently free on iTunes and is light-weight at just 6 MB or so. It already tops the charts with over 1.5 million downloads in the first week of its release.

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Download Hill Climb Racing