This morning, we posted on Martin Hajek's iWatch concept which will be featured in MacUser (April issue). However, I'm sure you heard us say that the concept isn't as cool as the rest of the world was reporting it to be. There's another iWatch concept not quite doing the rounds but this one is far more cooler and prettier than Martin's.

The new iWatch concept by Edgar is more like an extension of the iPod Nano sixth-gen. Think of a taller screen wrapped on a watch wrap and something that would probably take advantage of the kind of a glass that Apple mentions in its patents: and you get a slight idea of how Edgar has designed the concepts.

To me, they look as clean as they can be. Essentially, they are a total re-think of the iOS that would run on an iWatch. And that's why I support this one much more than the one from Martin.

iWatch Prototype

To begin with, the iWatch features a different (albeit similarly toned) interface. It's not like a minified version of the larger iOS you see on an iPhone or the iPad Mini. It's not even a reduction of icons. Instead, it's a clean slate which has clean icons redesigned for the watch-like interface. Find more on iWatch features wishlist.


Of course, the familiarity of the iOS is retained perfectly. You have notification centers, badges, the music player interface, and the homescreen is brilliant. What's even more interesting is that the screen is larger (taller, specifically) making it look more like an elongated iPod nano.

iWatch Concept Design

In some ways, this design can pose some specific “wearability” questions. For starters, people will question the comfort-level of the design. Unlike Martin's small iWatch, you have here a large display which can be a little bulky on your wrist. Still, for those of us who don't care about it, this should work just fine.

Also, it's said that this design would take the curved-glass feature into account!

I'm sure we are going to have many more iWatch concepts in the following weeks. There's no official or even unofficial inkling about a device like the iWatch but the rumor mills are on full-swing, churning out a lot of rumors about iWatch features and release date.

For me, it's Edgar's version that I like the most.

Via: 9to5Mac