OmniHolder In-Car iPhone Holder: Affordable High-grade Car Mount

We got an OmniHolder In-Car Phone Holder from and for a price tag as low as £9.99, the OmniHolder works perfectly. I think the OmniHolder can be called one of the best, affordable in-car phone holders out in the market.

The OmniHolder car mount, with its adjustable holder arms, can actually hold any phone/smartphone as wide as the Samsung Galaxy S3/4 but we tested it out on our iPhone 4.

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When we first unboxed the package, the plastic looked very flimsy. That was quite deceptive because once we set about fixing the car mount, it turned out to be quite solid and durable.

Fixing the OmniHolder In-car iPhone holder is pretty easy. The car holder works on the principle of suction so you just affix the base of the car holder to the windshield as shown. Once you’ve affixed it, it holds quite strongly.

You can move the holder arm a full 90-degrees (although in reality, you can actually turn it farther which is actually a great thing). You can also rotate the holder to orient the iPhone in landscape/portrait mode depending on the need.

There’s a base (with adhesive) that you can use on the dash. This one serves as the base when you want to keep the car mount on the dash.

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OmniHolder Car Mount ReviewOmniHolder Affordable iPhone Car Mount


  • Affordable. At £9.99, this is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for a good-quality universal car mount.
  • High flexibility: besides the 90-deg turn, you can rotate the holder a full 360-deg.
  • Most easy to fix: no installation and very flexible so you can remove it easily and affix elsewhere.
  • Safety lock.
  • Cushioned holders so your iPhone/smartphone is tucked safely. No scratches.
  • You can place your iPhone with the case on and it still fits.

Getting it fixed on the windshield was as easy as a cinch; took us less than a minute. We tried out with the case on too and it just fits. We were a little worried about the load (the case we used is a little heavy) but the car mount was strong enough to hold on to it.

Much recommended if you’re looking for quick, cost-effective car mounts for your iPhone.

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You may buy OmniHolder for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 from

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