OMNI Smart Case for MacBook

OMNI Smart Case for MacBook is an innovative product to charge your MacBook while you are on the go. So check out details here.
OMNI Smart Case for MacBook

Innovation and improvisation have always been hand-to-hand with technology field. Now and then, we get to see something new in technology. Until now, we never thought of a case for the MacBook that can provide the charging facility and ports too.

OMNI Smart Case is a new initiative started by team OMNI on KickStarter. The case is quite impressive and also doesn’t add much of weight to the MacBook. We have conducted a detailed review on the product and below is what we have to say about it. If you are impressed by the concept, then read the details to make your buying decision.

Design, Looks and Feel

The most impressive part of the OMNI Smart Case according to me is its design. Once you have wrapped your MacBook in this case, it becomes part of it, making it almost feel like not having any case at all. It certainly adds some bulk to your existing MacBook size, but that is negligible compared to the features and functions it offers. Apart from the design, the case is also available in different colors, to suit the color of your MacBook and mix with the theme perfectly. To be precise, it is available in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey.

Battery backup

OMNI Smart Case for MacBook Power Backup

Compared to iPhone and iPad, the chances of dropping our MacBook are pretty less. That’s the reason why we never think of having a case on it. But what if I Say that OMNI Smart Case will deliver charging and works like a portable power bank for your MacBook? Now, your brain starts thinking.

Once the OMNI case is fully charged, it delivers extra 9 hours of battery time to your MacBook. Those 9 hours are additional apart from the native MacBook battery backup, just to make it clear. Also, the case has an app that shows you the status of battery on your MacBook. Charging the case is similar to charging your MacBook, just plug-in the USB-C to the port provided on the case, and it will start charging.

Ports and accessibility

OMNI Smart Case Ports

As said earlier that it’s almost like not having a case on the MacBook, we will now justify the statement. By now, you might be wondering about the ports and other functions of your MacBook. No need to worry, as the case has USB-C, USB 3.0, and HDMI port right on it. That means you can use every single thing you used to use when you didn’t have any case on your MacBook. Don’t get impressed too soon; we have more to share.

Material quality

The OMNI Smart Case is made from lightweight shock absorbent material. That means it will not make your MacBook heavy to carry around. Apart from that, being shock absorbent, it will also make sure you device stays intact when you place your MacBook harshly on your desk. The best part is that it is designed and assembled in the USA, where quality comes first.


The case currently supports 2015-2016 12-inch Apple MacBook retina with all color variants released by Apple. If you have any other MacBook apart from this, then the OMNI Smart Case will not fit in it.


As it is a Kickstarter project, there are different pledge options available, which can run out of stock once the target is achieved. It’s good if you check their Kickstarter page for latest pricing details.

Do you think a case for MacBook is required? Will you consider buying OMNI Smart Case for your MacBook? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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