‘Genuine Looking’ iPhone Lightning Cable Can Break-In Your Computer

Beware: swap of a simple iPhone lightning cable can infect your computer and help hackers steal your personal data, says _MG_ - a Twitterati. Be careful the next time you buy a lightning cable from your neighborhood store.

A genuine-looking iPhone lightning cable is capable of helping hackers hijack your computer’s vital data and information, according to _MG_, a Twitterati.

The ordinary cable used to connect the mouse or charge our devices like iPods or mobile battery plays a non-descript, yet critical role compromising the data privacy and personal information carried by your computer.

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iPhone’s Lightning Power Cable Plays Important Role in Exposing Computer Vulnerabilities

To perform the ‘break-in’ act, MG tweaked a simple Apple lightning power cable circuitry to access the system with a small Wi-Fi-enabled circuit implant. You will wonder and regret later, as to why did one charge the device via computer.

Called O. MG Cable, this one is no different than the ordinary one available from your nearby computer/mobile/cables and accessories store. When a user’s original cable is swapped with this ‘look alike,’ it can compromise the data on your computer system.

Yes, the ‘look-alike’ Apple cable starts sending signals back and forth to the hacker as he gets hold of your computer over wi-fi. He then starts rampaging it with malicious codes and exploiting bugs in your system.

The computer screen starts displaying irrelevant messages, and lead to locking of the computer screen. Later, this will unveil the login passwords and other critical information that can be misused with ulterior motive by the hacker.

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MG revealed, “This specific Lightning cable allows for cross-platform attack payloads, and the implant I have created is easily adapted to other USB cable types. Apple just happens to be the most difficult to implant, so it was a good proof of capabilities.”

O. MG Cable Aims to Expose iPhone Cable’s Ability to Compromise on Computer’s Vital Data

To further validate what MG experienced and as a proof, he joined hands with ‘like-minded’ cohorts to distribute his ‘tweaked’ hand-built cables. They were then first demonstrated at the DEFCON 2019 event to help other researcher-hackers to add codes and evaluate to perfect them and render them foolproof.

“It’s like being able to sit at the keyboard and mouse of the victim but without actually being there,” MG said.

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Proving a point is one thing, but getting down at the core of the issue remained to be proven by MG and his dedicated team. The fact that Apple lightning cable can be used to expose vulnerabilities through WiFi and remote control computers and associated devices too, is indeed least in exaggeration.

Infecting computer systems via flash drives or cards is very common for now, and users usually take all precautions to scan them before allowing any access. As regards cables, no one ever found such a flaw in its connector, and the extent to which it can cause damage is indeed unimaginable.

So, the next time you buy a lightning power cable from the local store, do run a check thoroughly before you plug it in your computer. Take adequate precautions to avoid your system from getting infected or hacked.

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