Case Maker Olixar Brings Mini Apple Pencil Holder Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro

Case Maker Olixar on its website displays iPhone 11 Pro sleeve case with built-in smaller Apple Pencil Holder. However, on a note of caution, it has put up 'Due in Stock' for its pre-orders.

Even before the new Apple iPhone models are out, case maker Olixar has put up a new case for iPhone 11 Pro with built-in Mini Apple Pencil Holder – Grey/Brown/Black in pre-order mode. This goes to say that Apple Pencil is very much in the offing.

But these rumors gain currency only as time passes, and if and when the proposed models appear in the Apple Stores, they attract hordes of its fans and customers.

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Snug Sleeve to Hold Smaller Apple Pencil in iPhone 11 Pro Case

Olixar with ‘Due In Stock Soon’ notification, mentions product description as, “Crafted from premium genuine leather, this exquisite black case from Olixar for the iPhone 11 Pro provides stunning style and prestigious protection for your phone in a slim and sleek package, with the added convenience of an Apple Pencil sleeve.”

Olixar iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Soon to be also available on case seller Mobile Fun site, it mentions in a notification, “This item isn’t currently in stock, however pre-order today to ensure you are on the list to receive this item as soon as stock is available.”

This small Apple Pencil if it arrives with the iPhone 11 Pro, can snugly fit in the case as it appears from the display through a small oblong cut with curved edges – slim vertical slot. This it defines as ‘with the added convenience of an Apple Pencil sleeve.’

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However, we caution that at no point of time, it should be construed as final and the model, its name, and accessories like the mini Apple Pencil, will happen.

Apple Pencil – in Circulation for a Long Time

Apple Fans and customers always look forward to what the Cupertino giant puts up during its launch in September where even the dates are speculated.

Not to talk less, the iPhone, iPad, Mac – models, serial numbers, notch availability, tech specs, colors, followed by cases and screen guards and back covers gain currency via rumors that may come true or may not.

Apple Pencil got mentioned once in the Korean site – The Investor, way back in 2017 that Apple would introduce small Apple Pencil support for iPhone as soon as 2019.

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The second instance was in a forecast by ace Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo, who said in 2018 that future iPhone will carry Apple Pencil, but he has not mentioned about it so far, this year.

Even Citi Research has recently mentioned in its report about the new iPhone model with Apple Pencil.

Recently, we carried news regarding New iPad Pro Models where we have mentioned that they may bring the Apple Pencil ‘to blossom creativity by the hand of the user.’

Industry insiders or experts, as well as leading case makers and allied products makers, try their hands at revealing new products or services or accessories from Apple’s stable. However, many others try to grab eyeballs and attract the attention of which, only a few merit even cursory attention.

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But one fact all agree to, and we too vehemently say, is that the word coming from the horse’s mouth, ought to the final one here!

So, it may again be Olixar’s time under the sun putting up a render kind for iPhone 11 Pro Case With Mini Apple Pencil Holder – Grey/Brown/Black.

Till the new Apple 2019 models are out, we will keep our fingers crossed as you too may keep guessing. Isn’t it?

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