Oittm Apple Watch Stand

Oittm Apple Watch dock provides not only efficient charging solution for four USB devices at once but also stands up to expectation when it comes to quality.
Oittm Apple Watch Charging Stand

It’s been about a year since I fell in love with Apple Watch and couldn’t help buying one for myself. The smartwatch with all the advanced technology deservedly stood up to my expectation; being an elegant extension of my iPhone.

The only thing that has pained me so far is not able to find a simple yet a multi-tasking Apple Watch charging stand. Though there is a gazillion of charging docks with good profile, most of them either fail to offer the convenient charging solution or simply don’t stand up to the task especially while travelling.

Oittm Apple Watch Charging Stand

Oittm Apple Watch Stand

And, if you happen to travel with 3-4 devices, powering them up at once tend to become a bit intriguing task, doesn’t it? So, what’s the solution to fix this?

While looking for a perfect solution, I met Oittm- an Apple Watch charging stand. No sooner did I have a look at its features and the ability to offer the great charging solution, it thoroughly won me over.


Oittm Apple Watch Docking Station

One feature that sets Oittm apart is the competency to let you charge four USB devices at once. While there is one inside USB port for Apple Watch, there are three others in front for your iPhone, iPad or other devices.

It’s this functionality that has impressed me the most. While traveling, I wouldn’t have to worry about charging three-four devices simultaneously.

Refined Crafted ABS Plastic

Oittm Apple Watch Stand Dimensions

Made with high quality refined crafted ABS plastic, it’s quite durable. With the anti-slip base mat, there is no slippery at all. Wherever you place it, the stand rests ideally.

As it’s lightweight, you can easily carry it while travelling. The good-looking design adds yet another feather to its cap.

Neat Appearance

Oittm Apple Watch Docking Station with Extra USBs

It comes with inside space that’s smartly designed to hold charging chord along with some other stuff like, card readers.

The smart management of charging cable makes the nightstand look elegant. While using other stands, one thing that I found annoying was managing cable. Fortunately, it has solved the problem with ease.

Advanced Charging Technology

Power IQ and Voltage Boost are equipped to charge up to 5V/2.4A Max each port for a total of 6 Amps. Each port can detect your device automatically; making it easy to power up your gadget without any hassle.

The smart IQ technology is a huge asset for the nightstand. As a user, I’ve been charmed by its efficiency.

Interact With Your Watch Effortlessly

The dock peacefully charges your Watch without any noise. There is no inconvenience while interacting with your smartwatch in nightstand mode.

While the time-keeping device is being juiced up, access it without any difficulty. The dock makes it a lot easier for you.

Bottom Line

Oittm Apple Watch dock is very user-friendly. Apart from letting you charge four USB devices at once, it brings the much-needed efficiency into the play. Whether it’s advanced charging technology or high quality, it stands up to your wish on every aspect.

“If you had been on a quest for a multi-tasking stand for your Watch, you shouldn’t let it go away. The dock pays you more than what you have to dole out to pocket it.”

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