How to Add, Remove and Troubleshoot Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

Reading lists are a boon. In Safari iOS 7 (and on Mac), reading lists are accessible even when you are offline. Unlike iCloud Tabs or Bookmarks, reading list is a locally-saved-copy of the webpage which you can read even when you are offline.

Adding links to Safari’s reading list, accessing them later and then removing them away is easy. Let’s take a look at how you can do this along with troubleshooting reading list problems.

Adding Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

  • Open Safari and browse the web
  • When you find a page you want to read later, tap on the share icon
  • From the options, tap on ‘Add to Reading List’
  • The page gets added to your reading list

If you quit Safari instantly, the page might not be saved at all (even though you should see it in the Reading List). It is usually recommended that you keep the Safari tab open for sometime. You should see the rotating loader animation next to the Wi-fi/3G symbol on the status bar. Close Safari only when that loader disappears.

Reading list items can be accessed from the bookmarks icon → Reading List tab. You can either see all the items saved on your Reading List or just tap on “Show Unread” from the bottom to see only those which you have yet to read.

Removing Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

  • This is simple.
  • In Safari, tap on the bookmark icon
  • Tap on the Reading List tab
  • Swipe on the link you want to remove
  • Tap on Delete.

This will remove the page from the reading list. Although it’s not clear whether the offline copy is wiped off in the process but if you do intend to completely clear things, you should try clear cache from Settings → Safari.

Troubleshooting Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

Several users have talked about this: reading list items do not load when your iPhone/iPad is offline. Now that beats the very purpose of having the reading list. Here’s what you need to do to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Turn on “Use Cellular Data”: One of the first things you should do is go to Settings → Safari and under Reading List, make sure Use Cellular Data is switched ON

Troubleshooting Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

  • Give Some Time for those web pages to save. As stated above, it takes sometime for Safari to save articles from the website. If you are on cellular, this might take longer even though it’s about a few seconds only
  • If the reading list items continue to remain unavailable in offline mode, try clearing Cache and History (even though history is related in no way). You can do this by heading over to Settings → Safari → tap on Clear Cache / Clear History

If you want cross-device access, don’t rely on Reading List. Use iCloud bookmarks. Even though Reading List syncs across devices and is iCloud compatible (make sure Settings → iCloud → Safari is turned on all connected devices), issues with offline mode continue to evade troubleshooting.

How to Add, Remove and Troubleshoot Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari

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How to Add, Remove and Troubleshoot Offline Reading Lists in iOS 7 Safari
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