Best Offline Map Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Today, most of us use navigation apps to navigate conveniently at unknown places. Using fast Internet connection and GPS, they allow us to quickly find the right ways, nearby restaurants, famous places, traffic information and more.

But what if you are going abroad and have limited roaming data plan or visiting a place where there is no Internet connection, how would you navigate using a maps app? Needless to worry; we have rounded up the best offline maps for iPhone and iPad to ensure your trekking, mountaineering and even bike riding at remote locations remains a pleasing experience!

All of these top maps apps for iOS work as a smart guide in letting you comfortably travel from one place to the other. You can download the desired maps on your device to easily find places at foreign locations even without an Internet connection. Head over to explore them!

Top 10 Offline Map Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Google Maps

Google Maps iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Google Maps” is by far the most popular navigation app in the world. With the most accurate data, it helps you navigate comfortably anywhere in the world. You can also use real-time ETAs and traffic conditions to avoid being stuck in the traffic.

Use the real-time traffic info to catch your bus, train or car-share. Take the full advantage of offline maps to navigate anywhere without an Internet connection. It provides accurate maps in 220 countries and territories. You will be able to use transport schedules and maps for over 15,000 cities.

Moreover, Google Maps is compatible with a number of languages including English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German etc.

Price: Free

#2. Sygic

Sygic Offline Maps iPhone and iPhone App Screenshot

It’s not just a map guide, but you can get a lot more information from Sygic app on your iOS devices. The app offers voice navigation besides just guiding you to reach your destination. It warns you whenever you are about to reach your speed limit or about to pass through speed cameras.

The junction view gives you a clear idea of taking contingency on highways. All the major continents’ maps are included in the app to give users the best experience. The app now supports Apple Watch too!

Price: Free


MAPS.ME iPhone and iPad Offline Maps App Screenshot

Go where you want with It’s simple and perfect regarding guiding you to reach your destination without any hassles and that too without an Internet connection. The app is fully loaded with maps from around the globe that are free to download on your iDevices. is pretty useful when you travel to an unknown place and don’t have any idea about the restaurant, hotel, parking place or even a Wi-Fi spot. All I can say is is your travel guide to never let you lost again. The app is now available for Apple Watch too. So get directions on your wrists now!

Price: Free

#4. City Maps 2 Go

CityMaps2Go Offline Map iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

City Maps 2 Go is yet another app which gives you map directions offline. All you have to do is just turn on your GPS and see your location. The GPS will automatically detect your location, and you can now reach your destination with the directions given by the offline maps.

Besides that, you can also get detailed reviews and inspiring stories of all the places you visit (if any) so that the users can know the place better in a better way. You can search for a place, save the directions, book a hotel and all this can be done within the app!

Price: Free

#5. TrailLink

TrailLink Offline Map iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TrailLink is known as the ultimate trail-finder app for iOS. And looking at the description, we can say that it has got the quality to back the claim.

With more than 30,000 miles of multi-use trails, thousands of trail descriptions, the app is a great asset for travelers or outdoor enthusiasts. You can read reviews, view photos and check out detailed trail maps.

To use offline maps, you will have to pay $1.99 for 3 maps, $3.99 for 7 maps, or $7.99 for 15 maps. You can also purchase 12 months of unlimited offline map downloads for $29.99.

Price: Free

#6. CoPilot GPS Navigation

CoPilot GPS Navigation iPhone and iPad Offline Maps App Screenshot

CoPilot is always there to help you, i.e. drivers. Instead of navigating sat-nav, this app will navigate the roads. The Caravan navigation feature is exclusively designed for caravan drivers. To maintain efficiency, safety, and compliance, this app steers truck-drivers from truck-restricted roads.

Apart from steering drivers from truck-restricted roads, this app also alerts drivers of low bridges, so that they can avoid that route. The driver-friendly app never distracts attention while giving route guidance, so that drivers can concentrate on roads.

Price: Free

#7. Guru Maps

Guru Maps iPhone and iPad Offline Maps App Screenshot

Okay, this should have been on top because it’s totally free and does almost everything that the others do – but with one important difference. It works based on a cache, which means there’s no concept of downloading maps here.

You just take a look at the map which you want to have for offline use, and it gets cached at all the zoom levels that you see it on.

Price: Free

#8. Pocket Earth

Pocket Earth Offline Maps iPhone and iPhone App Screenshot

Make your travel stress free with Pocket Earth app, says the app developer. And up to some extent, the word seems to be true with the kind of features offered by this app. The app works on the GPS system to provide you the offline maps and directions right at your fingertips.

It has more than 1 lakh places in the database, which makes sure that each and every corner of the world is covered. Supports various file types and allows you to share it with your friends so that they never get lost. Pocket Earth also has some special maps and directions for adventurers, especially for hiking and cycling.

Price: Free

#9. GPSmyCity

GPSmyCity iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With GPSmyCity, you will be able to access thousands of travel articles written by travel writers and locals from all over the world. You can explore them and quickly access a self-guided walking tour and also use the app’s turn-by-turn guide to navigate conveniently.

More importantly, the offline mode is equally functional and allows you to move around the city or any place without any hassle. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about roaming fees when you find yourself in a new destination.

The “FindMe” feature shows your exact location and the very useful auto-tracking feature shows your movement on the map. Hence, you know if you are heading towards the right direction or not.

Price: Free

#10. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With detailed routes, turn-by-turn guidance and information about every way of getting around, “HERE WeGo” makes city navigation a great experience. You can check options for car sharing and the app shows recommendations for all the ways to get around. Compare and select a better option for you.

The app provides important information about your journey before you embark upon. You will be able to view the cost of public transport tickets and taxi fares, find places to park and also be able to find out traffic delays for any drive.

“HERE WeGo” offers public transport information for more than 1300 cities including New York City/NYC, San Francisco/SF, London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and many more.

Better still, it has offline maps for over 100 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia and more.

Price: Free

That’s all!

Your pick?

So, these are our top Maps app for iOS, which you can use offline. Which one have you chosen for your journey? You may also use the best alternative iPhone app is MapQuest to Apple maps. Do let us know its name in the comments below.

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Best Offline Maps Apps for iPhone and iPad

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  1. Pocket Earth. I have used it for about a year now and it is amazing. We do a lot of RVing and travel to dry camping areas that are pretty remote. Use Forest roads and other minor tracks etc. and pocket earth seems to have them all. We have all the US and Canada loaded. I use a bad Elf GPS with my iPad for super accuracy and can navigate perfectly. The only drawback is that internet connection is required to have Pocket Earth set your route itself. Otherwise everything is offline.

  2. I would also include iArrow into this list. Sometimes you just want to have a nice big arrow telling you where to go. This app does that perfectly. This app also will help you reach the nearest settlement if you get lost. You can use it as a waypoints tool, compass, speedometer, altimeter and more.

  3. Very true, I’m with Stan. Pocket Earth is available for free at a fraction of the size of other offline map apps. It takes up much less space on your phone and helps you find restaurants, cafes, hotels and everything you need offline. I love the option to learn more about sights and history through its integrated travel guides. Oh and, I also use it for cycling and hiking, as it shows you cycle routes and guides you up to the best mountain peaks.

  4. Hi guys,
    actually CityMaps2Go is free (it comes with 5 guides of your choosing). With the in-app purchase you unlock the pro version with more than 8.000 guides fully packed with millions of POIs and travel information

  5. Any thoughts on Pocket Earth? I had heard another reviewer say it was the best option but the absence here from a top 5 has me wondering if he was accurate.


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Best Offline Maps Apps for iPhone and iPad
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