Numberless Apple Credit Card Offers ‘Enhanced Security’ to Users, Says Mastercard’s Vosburg

Apple Credit Card in association with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard carries no unique number embossed on it, according to Mastercard's Vosburg. This offers added security and is practically 'breakproof.'

What’s so unique a feature of the Apple Credit Card if one may ask and pronto goes the answer – ‘no-number digital-first’ card.

Just yesterday, Apple Credit Card in association with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard was launched in the US with some unique features like privacy, simplicity, and transparency.

Apple Credit Card is Faceless, Numberless & Secured

But some striking feature observed was the missing credit card number on the Titanium layered card. Yes, this card carries no number as seen in currently available credit or debit cards.

“Not having a card number on the physical card, if the consumer chooses to get that, helps [with security] certainly because somebody can’t just write that down and take it,” Mastercard’s Craig Vosburg said on ‘Squawk Alley.’

Every credit card has a unique 16 digit number embossed on the plastic card that one carries in the wallet. Now, the latest Titanium layered plain white Apple Credit Card has no digits or numbers embossed on it.

According to Vosburg, “The ‘digital first card’ utilizes Mastercard’s technology in conjunction with Apple and Goldman Sachs to bring and create a new kind of consumer experience.”

Vosburg pays a massive compliment to Apple by saying, ‘consumers identify closely with Apple’s brand and the Apple ecosystem.’

Just a Token And Your Transactions Happen Securely – in A Jiffy!

Having no number on the card but embedded in its chip, the same can be un-scrambled by authorized Goldman Sachs and Mastercard employees only. It also informs as to where, when, and for what, the credit card was used exclusively over which Apple device.

Vosburg further goes on to explain how secure Apple Credit Card is because users get a one-time-use number in the Wallet app. “The real key to the enhanced security here is happening behind the scenes where we’re tokenizing the card credentials,” he adds.

In case fraudsters play mischief, then Goldman and Mastercard will be able to trace the incident and ‘kill’ it, claims Vosburg in the interview.

While only iPhone users through Wallet app can apply for the Apple Card. This is a deterrent for Apple customers to switch to Android and remain rooted in its ecosystem.

Forgot your credit card number? No worries, as your Apple Credit Card doesn’t have one visible to naked eyes.

So, when the ‘chips are down,’ your Apple Credit Card will not give away.