NoVu GIF Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad

NoVu GIF keyboard app for iPhone can spice up your messaging big time. With full integration of GIPHY and over 10,000 awesome stickers.
NoVu GIF Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad

For smooth sailing typing and fun-loving messaging, top-notch keyboard apps for iOS are always on my radar. Though I admire the software keyboards with a neat interface, the ones with funky design and instant access to the heaven are always my first choice for fun-filled conversation. And the apps that make a fine balance between the two ends tend to become my default option—right from the word go!

NoVu GIF keyboard app for iOS can be a huge asset for the folks who never seem to get enough of sidesplitting messaging. Stunning GIFs, comical stickers and a nice interface that seem to gel immaculately to become your irresistible option. But the story just doesn’t stop there…

GIPHY Integration and Over 10,000 Awesome Stickers to Let You Express All the Colors of Your Emotions

Thanks to the integration of GIPHY, you have instant access to a gigantic catalog of potboilers designed to light up the entire mood of the conversation. Whether you wish to express full-fledged laughter, show your shocking reaction or kill several birds with just one stone, the catalog has you fully covered.

The keyboard app for iPhone boasts a massive library of 10,000 amazing stickers which can let you elegantly spice up your messaging time. No matter what the context, you will have tons of options to express your emotions in a fun way.

The best thing about these hilarious labels is that they can allow you to convey your message more vividly—which even thousands of words may not be able to express. Moreover, you can ideally organize your entire sticker collection from within the app so that it can remain in perfect sync with your requirements.

And if you ever find your arsenal a bit short on firepower, you can always get additional packs through in-app purchase.

Design Your Text with More than 150 Fonts

With over 150 fonts at your disposal, you have complete freedom to decorate your text just the way you want. Whether you wish to make your Facebook status look appealing or want to style your WhatsApp status, these fonts can be very handy.

Novu iPhone Keyboard App Font Options

If you like playing with the looks of text, you would love to have a go at these fonts. Your text will appear pretty appealing and instantly set the social media on frenzy.

Adorable Interface That Offers You Instant Access to All of your Favorite Messaging Weapons

Another notable feature of this app is the impressive interface. Everything you want to use is just a tap away. Using control bar, you can quickly access your animated GIF’s, stickers, fonts, emoji and more. It can definitely boost your typing.

Fancy Fonts on iPhone using Novu App

While composing a cool message, the one thing I always want to be at my beck and call is quick access to all the tools as it saves plenty of time and also makes typing a pleasing experience. The control bar does a fine job to ensure you don’t have to run from pillar to post in search of a tool while you are in the midst of an intriguing conversation with your soul mate.

Super Handy Cursor Control

To me, one of the finest features of this appreciable keyboard app for iPad is the “cursor control.” It takes away all the pain of editing your text. Using this handy tool, you can instantly jump to any part or letter of your text to make quick changes.

Novu iPhone GIF Keyboard App Cursor Control

To bring it into action, simply 3D Touch or long press on the Space key. Then, you can slide the control button left/right to perfectly position the cursor for quick and accurate editing.

Over 200 Eye-Catching Wallpapers

NoVu is packed in with more than 200 captivating wallpapers to let you beautify your keyboard, home or lock screen. They are richly crafted to look stunning on the screen.  If you like customizing the screen, they can be hot ingredients for your taste.

iPhone Wallpapers in Novu Keyboard App

If you like using WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger and often feel the need to bring some charming customization into the play, this keyboard app can fill up the void with aplomb. For instance, you can use the captivating images to decorate WhatsApp chat windows and make the most of all the cool ingredients like stickers and GIFs to keep the mood of the conversation alive.

How to Get Started with NoVu Keyboard on Your iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Ensure that you have downloaded the app on your iOS device.

It’s free and available for iOS 9 or later.

Step #2. Now, launch Settings app on your device → Tap on General → Tap on Keyboard.

Tap on Settings, General then Keyboard on iPhone

Step #3. Now, tap on Keyboards → Tap on Add New Keyboard and select NoVu.

Add NoVu GIF Keyboard to iPhone

If you want to put it on the top, tap on the Edit button and then drag it at the top position. In the end, tap on Done to confirm.

Change Keyboard Order on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Next up, open any app and bring up the software keyboard. Then, touch and hold the globe icon → choose the NoVu keyboard.

Use NoVu GIF Keyboard on iPhone or iPad

Now, go ahead and make the most of the app.

Price: Free
Download NoVu ( App is not available at this moment)

Timed For Your Joyful Messaging and Painless Typing

NoVu seems to be geared up to liven up your messaging time. Having easy access to all the sorts of tools like GIFs and stickers, it makes sure you spend more time chatting and less on typing.

Besides, the highly functional interface with control bar and hassle-free cursor control ensure your typing remain plain sailing.

Coming to the point, I would definitely recommend you to use this keyboard app for iOS, if you are in quest of a tool to rev up your messaging experience.

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