We wrote about managing/hiding VIP mailbox last year and told you that you can’t hide the VIP mailbox. By default, that’s still valid but if you have a jailbroken device, a new Cydia tweak will hide the VIP mailbox label in your Mail app.

NoVIP is a new Cydia tweak that will help you get rid of the VIP mailbox label.

For people who use Apple’s stock Mail app but not the VIP feature, the label is actually a hindrance in a way. It can’t be deleted (normally). While one workaround was moving it down the screen so it doesn’t come in the way of your usual Mail app experience.

However, that’s not a real solution per se. It’s more of a little workaround that works less than satisfactorily.

NoVIP Cydia Tweak

But now we’ve got a solution. The new Cydia tweak, called NoVIP, just erases that particular label out of the Mail app. There is nothing to configure or change. You just install the tweak and swoosh – The VIP Label is gone!

Actually, for those of you who’re looking at the VIP as a possible solution to manage your inbox, here’s a tutorial that shows how you can add, edit and manage VIP contacts and thus be able to be on top of the most important emails.

If you want to get back VIP mailbox, you will have to remove the tweak. Considering usability, having a settings toggle to enable/disable the feature would’ve been great. Hopefully, subsequent updates should bring this up.

If you use Apple’s stock Mail app for your professional accounts, you might want to try using the VIP feature (if you’re not already). It’s just another smart label basically.