Notifications Not Forwarding to Apple Watch? Tips to Fix It

Are notifications not forwarding to your Apple Watch from iPhone? Check out these possible solutions to fix this issue.

Apple Watch is an elegant extension of iPhone. With the advanced features to let you receive calls, make payments, send message, mirror iPhone notifications and more, the SmartWatch has been able to carve a special niche among users.

Recently, a number of Apple Watch owners have reported that notifications are not forwarding to their wearable device. There may be more than one reason behind this problem. As for instance, Do Not Disturb may be unknowingly enabled on the device. Here are some possible solutions to fix this issue. Let’s find out!

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Tips to Fix Notifications Not Forwarding to Apple WatchTips to Fix “Notifications Not Forwarding to Apple Watch Issue”

Must Check Out

Is the Watch in the range of the Wi-Fi network?

Your Watch must be in the range of the known Wi-Fi network in order to communicate with the iPhone.

Is your Watch paired with your phone?

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Check out if your SmartWatch is paired with your iPhone or not.

Is Bluetooth Enabled on your iPhone?

Bluetooth must be enabled on your iPhone to help your watch receive notifications from various apps.

Is the Watch Locked?

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If your watch is locked, you will see a blue lock icon in the status bar. When locked, it prevents notifications from being displayed on the screen to safeguard privacy.

Unlock your device using passcode. The watch gets auto-locked whenever it’s removed from wrist.

Check Out Haptic Alerts

Ensure that haptic vibration is enabled on your device. As soon as any notification comes, it slightly taps on your wrist to make you know that any notification has arrived. (Settings>Sounds & Haptics)

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Is Do Not Disturb Turned On?

If Do Not Disturb is enabled on your device, you will see a purple moon icon in the status bar. Make sure DND is turned off to receive notifications. (Swipe up from the bottom to access the glances, then swipe right till you see Settings glance. You will see DND icon–a crescent moon)

Quick Solutions:

Check Out Apple Watch Notification Settings

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Make sure that all the apps you want to receive notifications from are enabled on your SmartWatch. (Watch app on iPhone>My Watch tab>Notifications).

Reboot Your Watch

Hold on the side button, then slide the power off slider. Press and hold on the power button again to restart your device.

Check out the Software Update

If the latest software update is available, you need to update your device.

Restore Your Device

If the above-mentioned tricks have not worked for you, then restore your device.

That’s all!

Hopefully, you are able to fix the issue. If it still persists, you can contact Apple to repair or replace your SmartWatch.

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