Back in the days of iOS 6, there was this tweak called PushPrivacy which enabled a privacy setting for lockscreen notifications. It could hide the ‘content’ of the message (from any app) in the notification that showed up on the lockscreen.

With iOS 7, we’ve been waiting for a tweak that would replicate this feature. It helps to keep your lockscreen notifications private even though you get notified of an incoming message. The wait seems to be over with Notification Privacy.

Notification Privacy is a new Cydia tweak that works just like PushPrivacy.

Actually, Notification Privacy goes far beyond what Push Privacy did and enables privacy features for all sorts of notifications. This includes: notifications on lockscreen, notifications as banner, and even in the Notification Center.

How to Hide Message Previews from all Notifications in iOS 7 Notification Privacy Tweak

Why Do You Need Notification Privacy?

Notifications that show up on Lockscreen (and elsewhere) show a snippet of the message. This happens for Messages, WhatsApp (and other communication/chat apps) and Mail. If you installed other apps which push notifications to you, these notifications may have snippets of content too.

This is supposed to be a useful feature so you can read a part of the message even before you head into the app to read it. In many cases where the whole message itself is something like “Okay.”, you don’t even have to open the app to read the message. Time saving, right?

But what if you receive messages whose content is for your eyes only. Say, some message from a loved one that you don’t want other people to see?

You can hide the “message preview”  for iOS’s stock Message app. But you can’t do the same for other apps. That is where Notification Privacy comes in. And it does a great job.

Notification Privacy: features, preferences

What I like about Notification Privacy is the depth of customization: you can hide snippets from not just the lockscreen preview but also from banners and NC. Here’s what you can configure:

  • Notification Text: by default, the snippet text is replaced by ‘New Notification’ but you can change it to anything you want.

Hiding Message Previews from Notifications with Notification Privacy Tweak

  • Apps: You can control which apps hide the message preview and which don’t from within the preferences of Notification Privacy.
  • Hide on: three different switches to toggle the message preview on Lockscreen, Banner and Notification Center.
  • You can also do this: hide the message preview (snippet) on Lockscreen but show it in Lockscreen’s Notification Center.
  • You can also hide the title (which is usually the name of the sender or the name of the app).

The tweak’s enable/disable doesn’t require a respring.

The best thing about Notification Privacy is it is free. It’s up on the BigBoss repo.

  • shak

    one of my favorite tweaks in iOS 7 , thank you very much dev DAN SABA