There are a good number of mini lightning-compatible charging cables on the market. Big brands have tried to come up with easy solutions. Belkin’s got one, Griffin’s got another, and you’ll find a mini lightning cable from AmazonBasics  too. A tiny/mini iPhone lightning cable appeals because it’s highly portable unlike the regular Apple lightning cable.

Which explains the success of CHARGEKEY and CHARGECARD: two wonderful lightning cables for your iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. These ultra-portable cables are unique – they’re not cables per se and they’re very portable to the point of merging with your keychain or your cards.

Nomad, the company behind the products, has already produced a mini, portable lightning charger. This is their second take on the market and they seem to do a good job here. The CHARGEKEY, a flexible lightning-to-USB gadget, fits your keyring just like any other key. The CHARGECARD, another lightning-to-USB gadget, fits right inside your pocket/wallet just like a credit card.

But portability alone doesn’t sell. After all, these products have to compete with the best in the industry at a price-range of $30.

Thinnest, Most Portable Lightning Cable for your iPhone and iPad

CHARGEKEY and CHARGECARD are basically different from all other mini, portable lightning cables. There are no wires – not even short ones. Everything is just plastic except of course the lightning part and the USB part that would connect to the docks of an iPhone and a computer (or a wall charger) respectively.

If portability is a key point, these cool gadgets from Nomad is exactly the kind of charger-cables you should be buying.

The CHARGEKEY is not just an almost-key-like gadget that fits into your keyring perfectly, but is actually very flexible to the point of letting you bend it. This flexibility allows you to use the charge-cable easily, without any hassles or constraints.

The CHARGECARD, while not as flexible as the KEY, is perfect if you want to carry a charge-cable in your wallet, just like you’d carry your credit cards.

The cables are MFi, so you will be able to charge and sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad through/to your computer/iTunes.

When Nomad launched the product as a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project, it became a resounding success exceeding the funding goals by several times.


  • iPhone 5s, 5c, 5
  • iPod touch 5th gen
  • iPad 4th gen, Air, mini (1 and 2)

The CHARGEKEY and CHARGECARD is USB-compatible and will draw power from computers, laptops, wall chargers and portable battery packs.


  • CHARGEKEY: $29.00
  • CHARGECARD: $29.00

Check out the products at

Nomad CHARGEKEY and CHARGECARD Portable Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

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Nomad CHARGEKEY and CHARGECARD Portable Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad
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