No SIM Card Installed on iPhone: How to Solve the Issue

Stumbled upon No SIM Card Installed issue on your iPhone?There could be several reasons why your iPhone may not be able to detect SIM or you may see "No service" or "Searching” on your iOS device. We have jotted down all the possible solutions that can help you fix this problem and make the cellular connection return to normalcy again!

It’s indeed frustrating to see “No SIM Card Installed” on iPhone. Due to quite a few factors, you may see “No Service” or “Searching” on your iPhone. But there are some tried and tested solutions that can fix the “No SIM card installed” issue on the iPhone.

Though the “iPhone not connecting to cellular networking issue” seems to be minor, at times it requires some additional efforts to be resolved. Since the problem could be due to both your iPhone and SIM, you have to look at the snag from various aspects.

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No SIM Card Installed on iPhone

iPhone Not Detecting SIM? Here is the Fix

First things first:

  • Ensure that you have an active plan with your wireless carrier. Your phone company account must be valid. If the account is invalid, canceled, or suspended, your iPhone can’t connect to its network.
  • Make sure not to use a SIM tray from a different model iPhone or from another phone manufacturer.
  • Ensure that you have inserted the correct size of the SIM (standard, microSIM, or nanoSIM).
  • If the card and the slot are dirty, they may prevent the smartphone from connecting to the cellular network. Use compressed air to clear out lint or dirt. You can also blow into the slot a few times to clear away the lint.

Turn ON/OFF Airplane Mode

Whenever I find the cellular network playing hide and seek on my device, the first trick that I try to get back the full network connection is simply turn on/off Airplane Mode. You can just swipe up from the bottom of your device to access Control Center and tap on the Airplane Mode button to turn it on.

Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone

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Note: On your iPhone X, you need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access to Control Center.

Use Airplane Mode on iPhone X

Wait for some time and then turn off Airplane Mode.

If this little trick has clicked for you, wonderful. If it hasn’t, move to the next solution.

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Remove your SIM Card and Re-Insert It

Remove the SIM card and then put it back in. Ensure that the SIM tray closes completely and isn’t loose.

Reboot your iPhone

Many a time, you can fix some common problems just by restarting your device. Hence, give this nifty trick a try as well. Simply press the side button and then swipe to power off. Then, press and hold the side button to restart the device.

On your iPhone X, you need to press and hold both the side button and volume up or volume down button at once. Then, swipe to power off. To restart your device, press and hold the side button.

Check for A Carrier Settings Update

Carrier providers release updates to address issues and improve cellular network connectivity. If a carrier setting update is available, you will get a prompt install it.

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When your carrier releases an update, you will get an OK button instead of an Update button to inform you that the update was downloaded and installed.

There is also an option to manually check for and install a carrier settings update.

Go to Settings → General → About. If there is an update available, you will get a prompt to select OK or Update.

Once the carrier has been updated, check out if the problem is solved. If it has, amazing. Just in case the issue is yet to be resolved, continue reading…

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Try Inserting Another SIM

Still, see “No service” or “Searching” on your iPhone?

There is a possibility that it might be defective. One of the simplest ways to check out whether it has hardware issue is to insert another SIM.

If your device is able to connect to the phone network when you use another SIM, it means your SIM card has some issues. You can connect your carrier provider to inquire about it.

Update iOS on Your iPhone

Still facing this problem? Try updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Open Settings app → General → Software Update and then check out if there is an update available. If it’s there, download and install the update.

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Update iOS 11.2 on iPhone

If nothing works….

9.99 out of 10 times, you may not have to come this far. But weird things do happen life. If none of those above solutions have been able to troubleshoot the issue, contact Apple support.

Wrapping up:

Let us know which one of the above-explained solutions helped you in troubleshooting the problem. If you have overcome it by trying out any other trick, do tell us about that as well.

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