As per the report from a hit or miss rumor website Digitimes, Apple is working on single chip solution for Touch Screen and Display Drivers in its upcoming iPhone.

Digitimes report suggests that, “Apple is internally developing touch and display driver integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions for its iPhones, according to sources in Taiwan’s IC design industry.”

No Home Button in iPhone 7

Report says that Apple is taking this leap in order to design an ultra-thin and ultra-narrow display, and if Apple integrates finger print sensor to display, it will also lead to elimination of home button from iPhone.

If there is an iota of truth in this statement, it triggers two possibilities.

#1. More space for display: If Apple removes home button from iPhone, there would be more space available in Display without increasing physical size. So, Apple can have bigger ground to play on.

#2. In-house chip design: If that happens, it will bring disappointment to semi-conductor makers. As we witnessed products announcement like Apple Music, and Apple news, it seems that Apple do not want to keep room for others.

Apple’s dream to be a supreme power in the realm of mobile communication might come true as the techno giant never reveals anything neither to media nor to developer community.
A couple of days ago, the company kept mum over the design features of predicted iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. This time also, Apple is not ready to disclose anything about the design. Let’s hope, Apple stands true to the expectations of users!

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