Recently, we published news of Apple owning a secret facility in Taiwan to develop its next generation display technology. The news was not officially confirmed by Apple, but comparing it with the latest news coming in from Appleinsider, we might not need any official statement to prove the authenticity of the rumours.

As per the news from Appleinsider, Apple is developing a display screen for their future iPad that will have 3D touch capabilities. The new 3D Touch technology was introduced by Apple in the event held in September 2015. Surprisingly, the big iPad Pro, which was released the same day, did not receive 3D touch; even though it is one of the best iPads ever launched by Apple.

Next iPad to Have 3D Touch

Digging deep into this matter, it was evident that Apple was unable to implement 3D touch technology on bigger screens of iPad Air or iPad Pro. In order to overcome this, some of the reliable sources have mentioned that the next iPad might be equipped with 3D touch technology.

As per the research note issued by KGI, it is also likely that the new 3D touch capable iPad won’t be ready next year along with iPhone 7, because of production issues. Users might have to wait a little longer to experience this technology on larger screens. As of now, owners of iPad Pro are happy with the smart Apple Pencil.

What’s your call on 3D Touch enabled iPad? Will it help users or will it lie under the shadow of Apple Pencil? Share with us your feedback by commenting below or on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.