nexpaq iPhone 6 Modular Case: Time To Customize Your Smartphone Your Way

Ever liked the idea of creating your own iPhone by adding different functions to it? Well, it truly sounds interesting as it can offer you the complete freedom to choose the specific module which you wish to use on your smartphone. No matter how extra-ordinary a phone may be, you would like to customize and add features to it.

Google’s Project Ara, a modular smartphone which will allow users to create their own phone with assembled modules, has still sometime before it arrives. In the meanwhile, nexpaq-the first smartphone modular case in the world-has come up with the same concept to let you enhance your iPhone. If you had been waiting to add some unique features, such as breathalyzer and hotkeys to let you access some functions easily to your iPhone and couldn’t find a way to do so, this is the time to enliven this innovative concept. Enter nexpaq!

nexpaq iPhone 6 Modular Case

Built-in 1000 mAh Efficient Battery

nexpaq features a built-in battery that is equipped to offer 30-60% of extra charging to your iPhone. Though the battery is not as efficient as that of a battery case, it’s just good enough to add more battery life to your device.

12 Modules

Currently, there are twelve modules available.

  • Battery Power: This module can add up to 30% of battery life to your iPhone.
  • Amplified Speaker: It makes the speaker of your phone 30 to 60% louder.
  • Super LED Flashlight: To let you capture better photos
  • SD Card Reader: with this module, you can download many items on your device and most importantly, be able to access them right from any SD card you have. SD Card Reader has been perfectly made to offer you more memory.
  • Temperature and Humidity: You can get this module to read temperature for you efficiently.
  • Hotkeys-To let you access functions on your iPhone instantly.
  • USB Flash: In order to let you swap files with others. You have the option to choose between 32GB and 62GB modules.
  • Air Quality: This module lets you know the air quality.
  • Breathalyzer: This module allows you to know your personal alcohol level
  • Laser: Designed to let you handle meetings and presentation comfortably.
  • Backup: With 64GB Hard Drive, you can backup your contents with consummate ease.
  • Dummy: This module is to let you fill in empty slots.

Nexpaq App

The modules are controlled by nexpaq app. This app is equipped to detect a module whenever you add it to the case. And once it has successfully detected the module, it automatically updates it. Hence, you don’t need to restart your iPhone to effect the change.

Easily Swappable between iOS and Android

The modules are not hardware specific and hence can easily be swapped between iOS and Android devices. If you happen to buy a new phone, you would just have to buy the case as the modules have been designed to work with any smartphone.

The Modular Case Is Compatible With

At present, this modular case is compatible with only iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S5. At one time, six modules can fit in the case.

Early Bird Pre-order Price -$89

As of now, nexpaq is running a fundraising campaign at Kickstarter. This modular case can be pre-ordered at an early bird price of $89 along with four modules—speaker, buttons, battery, SD card reader. If you want to buy more modules, you will have to pay extra. Individual modules have been priced from $14 for laser pointer to $29 for 32GB USB Flash Drive.

If you are a developer who wants to have this modular case with all the 12 modules by June 2015, you will have to pay $2999.

When Will the Modular Case Ship?

The beta bundle of iPhone 6 modular case will ship from November and the general delivery will begin from January 2016. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S5 cases will ship from January 2016.

The iPhone 6 Plus modular case will ship in the first quarter of 2016, if at least 1000 cases are ordered.

Immense Possibility Awaits…..

nexpaq modular case seems to have the immense possibility to let you come up with your own customized phone—if only it comes off well. It would be fascinating to magnify the functionality of your device much to your liking. There are quite a few features like, camera which you want to tweak or magnify to suit your best interest.

As the developer says, this is just the beginning and we would add more user friendly modules, it is time to get the best out of smartphones-and iPhones in particular.

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