With the fall of Google Reader, news aggregator apps (notably those that allow adding RSS feeds) have become very popular. There are dozens of top-notch news aggregators like Feedly, Flipboard, Pulse etc. Right on top of that list is News360, an iPhone/iPad app that has grown to prominence.

We’ve been using News360 for quite a while now and it has gradually replaced almost every news aggregator app that we’ve been using. Over a period of time, the app bringsĀ  a curated collection of some of the best content from across the web on almost every niche that you can think of.

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News360 iPhone iPad News App

Setting up News360

Setting Up News 360 iPhone iPad App

The blank state is one of the hardest places to start with for any user. I mean, every time I start with an app like this, it’s hard to build content without a good interface. News360 solves this easily. It’s not unique but it’s helpful. Mostly because News360 provides a vast variety of topics to choose from but it also makes sure the choices aren’t overwhelming. You get started with a handful of topics and can then add more later.

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News360 iPhone News AppNews360 iPad News App

One thing I liked about News360 is that it is smart enough to show all similar news stories from across various top-notch websites covering the same. This helps me analyze all the news stories and figure out the real story sans all the editorial opinion. I’ve found this missing in almost every app that I’ve seen but for Track180 but Track180 caters to a different crowd in a different way.

Also, all articles open in the app. They’re quick to load because the content is extracted and presented as-is without much ado. This makes for a quick responsiveness.

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Here’s some of the things that News360 is great at:

  • Simple, no-clutter but visually pleasing interface
  • You get started fast and as you move along you can add more topics
  • News360 is smart: when you like/save articles as you read, it studies your behavior and shows more of the content you consistently like.
  • No obtrusive features: One other app that I’ve really felt very comfortable with is Summly which was recently bought by Yahoo!. Most apps have a ton of features alongside the content which makes reading a little hard. However, in News360, there’s no distraction.
  • Quick and easy navigation.

Best of all, News360 is totally free and not ad-supported. You can save articles for later, customize the sections easily and since the content is top-notch from across the sources, it’s a totally useful app to start using.

News360 is for both the iPhone and the iPad.

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