MacRumors posted a couple of photos of what seems to be the iPhone 5S. There are subtle changes to the internal components / arrangement that might possibly hint at the authenticity of the leak.

The pictures show an almost assembled iPhone “5S” with the battery, camera, a chip that has no name (the A-series, that is) and a few other little things that indicate a subtle change.

To begin with, the processor chip – which usually is labeled A5, A6 etc., has no labels. That’s kind of strange. It doesn’t look like someone photshopped the text out of the image.  MacRumors notes that the chip reads ‘1243’ at the bottom – signaling that it was made in October (43rd week of the year) in 2012. Could it be a missed iPhone 5 prototype? Likely but the other things don’t match up.

iPhone5s Photo Leak

There was a logic board leak earlier this week. This new photo showing the iPhone 5S assembled appears to be very similar to the logic board photo leak. This kind of puts things in perspective.

Battery, interestingly, gets a little more powerful. We were expecting this especially after iOS 7 was released. The iOS 7 battery thing is something we’ve already written about.

At the back of the iPhone 5S’s photo, we see a pill-shaped LCD rather than the usual circular one. Remember we told you that a case maker-designed iPhone 5S and iPhone Light had pill-shaped volume buttons? Yeah, the pill-shaped thing is getting thicker now.

This week has been kind of very interesting for iPhone 5S news hunters. Although it’s only June, the excitement seems to be growing. Like iOS 7, would Apple be producing something different? The iPhone 5S sure doesn’t seem to be the answer but the cheaper iPhone could be.