A new iOS 7 concept, published on MacRumors forum by Shaik takes a new approach to making the Notification Center even more powerful. This is an interesting feature that I'd love to see in iOS 7 and I'm sure you'll like it too.

What the feature does is add actions to notifications in the NC. WIth this, you can return calls, send messages or set reminders for calls that you missed. The same can be applied to Mail notifications (with corresponding actions) and other apps that send notifications.

I'm not a Cydia expert so I don't really know if there's a tweak of this sort already but I'm guessing that there isn't one. The actions can be triggered by swiping to the left, revealing a set of icons that do specific actions. For instance, if you swipe the missed call notification, you have Message, Call and Reminder icons that do the corresponding actions.

iOS 7

The video shows the features on Phone and Mail apps; these are the stock apps. Like some user on the forum wondered, it'd be a cool feature to have on third-party apps too but that's either dependent on Apple or someone who makes jailbreak tweaks.

I think someone will already be making a Cydia tweak for this and we're keeping a keen eye on this.

This new iOS 7 concept is a really useful feature but there are things that could make it even more powerful.

For instance: a swipe right (instead of swipe left, which reveals the actions) could just delete the notification. Right now, you can either delete all notifications (through the uncomfortably small ‘x' on top-right) or just let them be, which is not ideal.

There was also another iOS 7 concept overhaul of Safari posted on iDB. Although not as much a concept overhaul as mere addition of some important features (like iCloud support for bookmarks), that one looks good too.

Tell us what you think of the notification center changes. What more would you expect to find in iOS 7 features?

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