New Apple Watch May Get Ceramic & Titanium Case

Much awaited Apple Watch is likely to get Titanium & Ceramic Cases according to iHelp BR blog. Two material cases in 40mm and 44mm sizes have been predicted with no confirmation on Series. 

New Apple Watch may get Titanium and Ceramic case, screams iHelp BR following its sensational prediction on the release date for iPhones on September 10.

It says that while the watchOS 6 is undergoing tests before release, Apple is reported to be working on the new Titanium and Ceramic watch cases.

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Titanium Case for New Apple Watch follows its use in Apple Card?

iHelp BR also displayed the Apple Watch setup process pictures as one can see below.

iHelp BR Displayed Apple Watch May Get Ceramic and Titanium Case

Notably, Apple had ceramic case watches among its earlier models and now with Titanium case likely to come in, Ceramic case will get a recall. Meanwhile, it is also expected that Aluminium cases will continue in use for low-end Apple Watches.

If you know, Apple Card also has a Titanium layer to make it non – conductive and tamper-free. So, it may have been imperative for Apple to use Titanium for its new or existing Watch Series.

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Apple Watch – Series, Colour, Belt Strap and Whatnot on Offer?

iHelp BR reports that it is indeed not clear whether it is an Apple Watch Series 5 or just new models of Apple Watch Series 4. Another point to note was that the ceramic case was not available in Watch Series 4.

On the case size, 40mm and 44mm as seen from the pictures are predicted also while the current Apple Watch Series 4 had one model in 44mm case only and bereft of ceramic material.

iHelp BR rounds off saying, “We look for these animations in the watchOS 6 version files for older Apple Watch models, but realize that they only appear even on the Apple Watch Series 4 system.”

Besides the cases, other aspects like features, color, belt straps, flexibility in changing the cases and many others that one can think of will be conjured by all for the new Apple Watch.

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What have you to say about the new anticipated sizes of the new Apple Watch? Tell us all. 


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