I didn't think NetworkList was going to be as useful as a few other tweaks we reviewed here recently but this morning, things really taught me a lesson.

We tested an old Wi-fi hotspot (something that we've used before) at our office and I was testing the hotpost with my iPhone. And that's when I wanted to know the password of the Wi-fi network to use via the laptop (iPhone connects automatically).

By default, if you wanted to figure out the saved passwords on iPhone/iPad, that ain't gonna happen. At least, not without getting inside some files and I guess that even then, the passwords would be encrypted.

Networklist Cydia Tweak

This is where NetworkList Cydia tweak comes in.

NetworkList acts as an additional feature to be found within the Wi-fi settings. It shows a list of all the Wi-fi passwords that are saved on your iPhone. And effectively, this turns out into a very useful feature right when you want to see what that password is for the Wi-fi network you connected recently.

No one's going to be needing the tweak all the time but there are countless times in your life when the “what if” moment comes: a new device wants to connect to the network but you don't remember the password; or you go to a mall/shop with Wi-fi and you want to check out what the password is (to be used in another device?).

The list of possible scenarios when you might want the Wi-fi password is quite huge but since we don't do that on a daily basis, we might not think that NetworkList is an important tweak.

But I have to digress here: may be you're not like me so you already have NetworkList on your iPhone. But if in case you did think like me, you might want to reconsider your decision. NetworkList is definitely very useful. Secondly, I don't know about other tweaks that work like NetworkList (not the feature but the way it integrates into Wifi Settings instead of standing alone).

NetworkList is a free tweak on BigBoss repo. Grab it.