NetSpot Mac App: Take a Wifi Survey at Your Office & Home

Before you build a Wi-fi network, analyse and audit entire space with the help of NetSpot, a software that effectively works on Mac OS X.

We are living in an age of digital communication, where digital devices help us interact with people in a better and faster ways. We connect with the world using so many devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, computers and others. But what connects all the devices with each other?

A strong Wi-fi connection is essential for digital communication. But when Wifi connectivity becomes poor, you don’t know how to solve the issue just because you have no idea where the problem is. You wish you had software support or a tool that can measure or analyze strong or weak Wifi connectivity in your office or at home.

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NetSpot Mac App Review

NetSpot Mac App – Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting

NetSpot is your companion…

NetSpot is an incredible app that helps you carry out wireless site surveys, Wi-fi analysis and troubleshooting on Mac OS X. What surprises me is that it’s free and simple to use. Moreover, you don’t need to deploy any network engineer to conduct Wifi surveys or analysis. You can even manage troubleshooting of issues if any crops up. Note that this app can run only on your MacBook enabled with Mac OS X 10.6 and later, and NetSpot which works over any 802.11 network.

Analyze Wi-fi Coverage at Office/Home

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Your business place needs constant, uninterrupted Wifi connection for office staff. Poor Wi-fi connectivity means poor productivity; at this, you need NetSpot that easily spots and analyse areas in your office where you need to strengthen Wifi connectivity. NetSpot is the coolest native wireless site survey software for Mac. After a few clicks, you can load your office plan or area map before you start network site survey.

To start with, mark your presence on the map and NetSpot will start measuring wireless signal immediately. Now, you can change your physical position with MacBook in your hands and gather Wi-fi data of the entire area of workplace.

This will provide you every detail your need to analyse radio signal leakage, find noise sources, map channel usage, trace operational access points and more.

Get the Real Picture of Wireless Network

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NetSpot is the best tool for auditing wireless networks. The visual Wifi map allows you to map the hot and cold spots in your office and home; it also helps you solve problems or find other network glitches. With NetSpot you can easily identify poor zones without coverage; therefore, you can optimize placements of hotspots. Once you discover poor zones, you can easily adjust channels’ load and decide how to use them better.

Build a well-planned wireless network

NetSpot not only helps you find bad Wi-fi zones, but also supports you build an effective wireless network in your office. Insert a map, gather some wireless site survey information, and build an inclusive heatmap of your network. Now you can easily measure the effectiveness of each channel distinctly. After spotting an empty channel without any wireless network, you know how to direct your Wifi signals successfully. NetSpot helps you choose channels for new Wi-fi hotspots with minimum signal-to-noise ratio.

Analyse and Solve

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For easy & quick identification of connectivity and wireless interruption issues, credit goes to the latest troubleshooting visualizations. With NetSpot, you can track sources of excessive noise, fix Wifi configurations issues, and get automated professional advice on every issue spotted by NetSpot PRO.

All in all, NetSpot works extremely well on the latest OS X; you can use this app for effective network surveying and Wi-fi planning at your office and home. When it comes to analysis of Wifi signals, hotspots and routers, there is hardly any competition.

Price: Free, $149 (Pro), $499 (Enterprise)
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