Netflix is one of those apps that I would always have on my iPhone and iPad. That’s because I never get to have the TV remote in my hands to watch my favorite shows; I have to rely on Netflix in that regards. You can call Netflix as my companion. Thanks to the company, they updated the app with few optimizations for iPad Pro and added 3D Touch support to iPhone.

First let’s talk about the 3D Touch. On the browsing page, you can 3D Touch movies or shows to get more information about them in the form of peek and pop. You’ll not need to tap on the movie, check its details, and then return back to the browsing page. Everything now can be done from the main page itself.

Netflix iPhone-iPad App Updated with 3D Touch Support

Netflix iPhone/iPad App Updated with 3D Touch Support

It is surely a great update, saving few moments, which can be utilized to watch a show for an extra minute. And yes, 3D Touch support does not include on the Home Screen icon of Netflix. The support is limited to in-app functioning.

One more feature has been added for iPhone, and that is, “post-play experience”. This feature presents a screen after you are finished watching a movie or a show. The screen will offer you with recommendations of the next show or movie to watch.

For the iPad Pro, there doesn’t seem to be more of an update, but just the layout optimization for better user experience and correct resolution for the larger screen.

The new update has also added Arabic support on devices running iOS 9 or later.

Apart from that, few more improvements have been made in the app to improve the experience for kids and some minor improvements in performance.

If you aren’t yet on Netflix, then you should surely consider download it now. It is available for free on App Store. The download link is given below, give it a try.

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