You don’t usually look for SBSettings alternatives but when you do, you can’t miss NCSettings. Built by JamieD360, NCSettings brings an almost SBSettings like experience which enables you to toggle controls like Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth etc. right from the Notification Center.

So what’s special about NCSettings?

NC Settings Cydia Tweak

When there’s a big player around, it’s hard for a similar tweak to enter the game and put a dent. But that’s precisely what NCSettings did. At iGB, we’ve been fans of SBSettings because it gives you the precise control that is missing in an iPhone. Android’s default Power Control widget rubs it in for iPhone users when we know that there isn’t a way to get such a widget. (except SBSettings).

But if you’re a minimalist or like simpler versions, SBSettings would be a little overkill. SBSettings offers plenty of features including:

#1. Themes

#2. Date and memory display on status bar

#3. 3rd party widgets

NCSettings is a tweak that doesn’t offer any of these. It’s a simple, straightforward tweak that focuses on just one thing: toggle important settings right from your Notification Center.

But then, this simplicity is amply powered with features like controlling what toggles are available, changing the positions of the toggle and the overall placement of the widget.

NCSettings for Simplified Experience

If you are just looking for a widget that enables you to turn on/off Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth, Airplane mode etc. easily, NCSettings is all you need.

Of course, if you prefer the luxury of being able to change the themes, SBSettings would be a better option to go for.

NCSettings seamlessly blends with the Notification Center in iOS 6. And you can control the order of the toggles right from within the widget by pressing and holding the icons till they wiggle.

Repo: NCSettings can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo.
Price: NCSettings is free.