Okay, ‘search from notification center’ might not be an entirely new thing but the way NCSearch for iPhone implements it is clearly a cool thing to have.

There have been several search-based tweaks that let you search from Siri, search from the Spotlight and search from anywhere on the iPhone (integrated by Google Voice Search too). But insofar, NCSearch is probably the best implementation of a Notification Center search tweak on the iPhone.

NCSearch is simple. It adds a text field in the Notification Center. You can type your search query here and when you hit the Search button, it will open the browser (of your choice) and the Website (of your choice). You can search on four different engines (including Google, Bing, Baido, Yahoo) and this facility is the coolest thing about the tweak.

NCSearch Cydia Tweak

It’s interesting to see how the options have been implemented. You just swipe to access a different search engine.

NCSearch lets you configure the order the search engines (via Settings -> NCSearch). As an addition, it also lets you choose the browser that the search will open in. The default is Safari but you can customize it to open, say, Chrome.

There’s also an additional search engine (TinEye) that works by accessing the clipboard data. So, if you copied a link to an image, TinEye prompts you if you’d like to do a reverse image search (when you tap on the little blue icon on the right of the search bar).

Overall, there’s this subtlety about NCSearch that makes it a wonderful tweak to have. Imagine this: instead of having to put up with the time lag in opening a browser, you can just swipe down the NC and start typing your search query. And with this, you also get options to access Wikipedia entries too.

NCSearch is a free tweak available from the BigBoss repo. One of the must-have tweaks for almost everyone.