There are dozens of calendar tweaks and notification center tweaks out there on Cydia. Jailbreaking really sets the stage for improvising a lot of stuff on your iPhone. And this new tweak, NCCalendar+, is the perfect example.

NCCalendar+ is a power-pack for users who rely on the default Calendar app and the notification center to manage their day through events. With three specific features, it adds enormous power to the Notification Center displaying Calendar events.

The fact that NCCalendar+ is free amazes me but it’s really just one of the several good things about the tweak. Thanks to Bader for that.

So what does NCCalendar+ do that warrants such praise from folks?

NCCalendar+ Cydia Tweak

Here’s the gist:

1) By default, Apple only shows today’s events on the Notification Center. This is done for simplicity and has a real meaning to it. After all, you only want to know what’s on today’s agenda.

But what if you really like to know things in advance and can handle a bunch of events not just set for today but also in the near future? This is solved by NCCalendar+ which overrides Apple’s default and shows you events up to 2-months in advance.

The coolest thing is that events are clearly categorized so you know what timeframe the event is in. (Today’s Events, Events in 1 Week, Events in 1 Month etc.)

2) You’ve got a few calendars setup and you want notifications from just one/two of them? Apple’s default answer is “No, you can’t.” NCCalendar+ rectifies that and lets you choose which calendars get to be on Notification Center and which don’t. Basically, less clutter.

This is a surprisingly awesome feature especially for folks who use a lot of Calendars but are specific about just one or two of them. Businessmen, mostly.

3) Apple’s maximum number of notifications (in the NC) under Calendar is 10. For the busy people out there with a jam-packed diary, this doesn’t fly well. That’s why people prefer other Calendar apps over Apple’s own.

NCCalendar+ raises the bar here. From a mere 10, it increases the number to 100. All clearly segregated and grouped according to the event time-frame.

Overall, NCCalendar+ Cydia tweak is an amazing tweak that’s genuinely helpful and feature-additive. Since it’s free, I’m assuming you don’t lose anything. It’s on the BigBoss repo.