Native Union CLIC Marble Case for iPhone 6

Native Union’s CLIC Marble case for iPhone 6 can be dubbed as modern day wonder as creating a wafer-thin case from a solid marble is a herculean task.
Real Marble iPhone 6 Case from Native Union

When Michelangelo carved a statue of David out of marble, everybody appreciated his craftsmanship, but nobody raised their eyebrows out of surprise; it was quite normal to create statues from marble. But what if somebody designs a mobile case from marble? Well, guys hold your breath. Here is a mobile case made of real marble.

CLIC Marble

Real Marble iPhone 6 Case from Native Union

CLIC Marble is the world’s first real marble case for iPhone. The innovative take from Native Union, makers of this case, is for those who appreciate art & craft in their life. This unique marble case transforms your iPhone into a coveted piece with its beautiful and intricate veins. If you think that this could be a sort of icing-on-the-cake, you need a second look at this case.

iPhone 6 Marble Case

Aesthetic and Functional

Any mobile accessory that is only beautiful and not functional is like a beauty without brain. Thankfully, this is not the case with this mobile case. Technicians at Native Union made every effort to bring style and sophistication to this marble case. At the same time, they have also succeeded in creating a lightweight and shatter-proof marble case for iPhone. Hence, you get the best of both world – a solid content and a stylish design.


It is sheer engineering excellence to create a wafer-thin mobile case from solid stone. Also It is a marble and yet it is lightweight, and that is the beauty of CLIC Marble. It takes creative genius to make such an extraordinary product from marble; normally, marble is used to make heavy products. But Native Union has made impossible possible by crafting a cool 0.3mm slice from an ancient stone.

Natural Beauty

Marble has always been a symbol of luxury and elegance. For thousands of years, people have been experiencing cold mineral touch of marble. Now you can also feel the same touch every time you hold your iPhone in your hands.


Native Union CLIC Marble Case iPhone 6

This CLIC Marble iPhone 6 case is available in two colors: White and Black.Take Care of Your Case

Though marble is a solid material, its soft and porous nature makes it vulnerable; you need to take care to maintain its lustre. Clean this case with warm water and wipe it with soft cloth. Never use anything acidic or abrasive to clean the case. Experts say no to natural solutions vinegar or lemon, which will dull the surface of the marble.

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