NannyHunt – Hire a Local Nanny: App Review

NannyHunt - Hire a Local Nanny

Nothing matters more in a family than the real happiness and loving care of a child. Unfortunately, the ever-hectic lifestyle with mounting workloads has made it extremely tough to spare enough time for children. As a result, raising kids has become more challenging than ever before. In such a scenario, the role of babysitter or nanny, who can take care of a child with the needed love and care, has become very significant. But, how do you find a caring nanny? Meet “NannyHunt”- a reliable nanny finder. The app makes it relatively easy to hire an experienced nanny. After giving a close look at NannyHunt, I would like to share my thoughts about it and, more significantly, why it could turn out to be a boon for modern patterns.

Find A Caring Nanny For Your Sweetheart With Ease

Huge Network of Caregivers

NannyHunt iPhone and Android App to Find Local Nanny

Probably, the best part about NannyHunt is the integration with an ever-increasing network of caregivers. Parents can search nannies by location and send a job posting right away. The nanny network works pretty much like a social network where the connection with more users matters a lot in finding the well-reviewed nannies.

The app takes advantage of a parent (or nanny’s) social media network to suggest better skilled and more experienced childcare providers recommended by trusted friends and relations. When it comes to providing the needed care of a child, parents must look for an experienced and caring nanny. By leveraging social media technology, the app ensures that guardians can directly interact with a large number of caregivers and get to know their reputation.

Thus, finding a new child caretaker whether it’s a part-time sitter or a full-time nanny becomes hassle-free. Not to mention, it also makes quite easy to find the last-minute sitters for date nights or even backup care.

View Profile and Check Reviews Before Choosing a Babysitter/Nanny

It always pays to check the background of a babysitter or nanny before choosing anyone. NannyHunt ensures you can easily check the profiles, work history and get to know their overall experience. Moreover, it also offers reviews from parents, which can go a long way in hiring the right person that can take care of a kid as a true guardian.

Being myself a parent, I would always prefer to give the responsibility of my kid to a person who is responsible and offer desired love. That’s why I find the option to check out references and read reviews from parents quite helpful as they offer a better perspective about a nanny. For more transparency, the app also shows the ratings of parents.

Moreover, the reviews and ratings of your friends also make the time-consuming interviews unnecessary. When you find a suitable nanny, you can directly send a message and chat with her. So, there is no need to cramp your already hectic life. For more convenience, NannyHunt also helps you keep transactions cashless. As the app provides the required safeguard to your privacy, you shouldn’t worry about the security of your data.

In-App Messaging

As a parent, I can understand the concerns every father/mother has for their child. To ensure parents can stay in the loop about the care of their kids, NannyHunt comes with an in-app messaging feature that allows them to stay connected with nannies. Thus, monitoring a child becomes worry-free and seamless.

Price and Availability

NannyHunt is available for free. However, you will need to shell out some bucks to use all the features of this app. As for compatibility, it works with iOS running with iOS 11.4 or later.

Download for iPhone

The Verdict…

NannyHunt is an enormously helpful childcare app. What stands it out from other childcare apps is the seamless integration with social media. Backed by a solid childcare network, it’s a one-stop platform for parents who want a reliable and caring nanny or babysitter for their loving child.

Would you like to use NannyHunt? Be sure to share your feedback with us in below comment box.

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