James of BoxCat was kind enough to make it pretty easy for us to review the game.

“Nameless: The Hackers” is a roll-playing game. It has a good storyline but unfortunately, it’s a lengthy narrative. If you patiently go through the narrative, you’re in for some neat little gaming where the world of hackers and how they operate is revealed. That’s what is interesting about the game: the storyline.

The game is all about hacking into systems/servers and you’re a few characters. There’s the boss who gives you missions you need to accomplish and you can use the various skills of the three characters you play to get things done. But you need to be fast, calculative and collect a variety of stuff along the way.

NamelessFeatures of Nameless – iPhone Game

What is New with? If you’re a new gamer (or new to RPGs of this sort), you’ll find a lot of interesting things the way the game has been designed.

N00b Hackers Delight: If you’re vaguely interesting in learning a thing or two about the world of hackers, the game is a fun and entertaining way to start. It isn’t too technical and the game guides you through stuff so it’s pretty easy to learn.

Nameless Review

Storyline: From the little time I spent playing the game, I found BoxCat’s claim about the storyline to be true. It has a strong storyline and as the levels go deeper, the story gets kind of intense. It’s not a one-shot game and it’s not a linear storyline either.

Interesting Things To Collect Along the way: Needless to say, the game is littered with stuff that you should collect to gain health, skills, information and other things.

Simple, Simpler, Simplest: But the strongest thing about the game is that it’s so simple to start playing. You don’t need anything to start the game and the way the game flows is actually a breeze. It’s pretty simple and straight-forward with interesting turns along the way.


You need to be patient: Unless you’re inherently patient or highly passionate about playing a hacker in an RPG, you will feel that the game is dragging a bit.

I think BoxCat has aimed the game at newbies and that’d make perfect sense.

Price: $1.99
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