Name Your Own Price is an unique deal for 10 of the choicest mac apps that are collectively valued at $400.

Why? We have partnered with a few developers who happen to be the best in the world, to bring to you the NYOP summer blockbuster Mac bundle! You pay for the bundle whatever you wish to. It could be $80 or $100. You pay your choice for Tangerine, DiscLabel and SyncMate expert 5. The key is to beat the average. If you do so, you get the entire bundle at that price!

Name Your Own Price Summer Blockbuster Deal

What about it?

The money collected from this deal will be donated to a few select charities across the globe in order to make this world a better place.

  • Child’s Play
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Creative Commons

10% of the profits from your purchase in this deal will go to these charities. It will be a great deal for you, you get awesome apps, and help the world too!

That’s It?

No way! You also have a chance to win a MacBook Air! How? It’s simple. If you have at any time in the day made it to the leaderboard, you automatically become eligible for winning an 11-inch MacBook Air fresh in the market!

The winner will be selected a fortnight after the bundle closes.

Make an awesome saving and an impact on the world with Name Your Price Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle at iGeeksBlog deals.