Even though it’s a niche market, multifunctional iPhone cases are cool accessories. Within multifunctional cases, there are a lot of varieties depending on what the tools are. We covered a few multipurpose and multifunctional iPhone cases that you can take a look at.

One of our favorites was the TaskOne from the TaskLab. And it turns out they didn’t stop with TaskOne. Their new Kickstarter project involves two equally-amazing multipurpose iPhone cases: the myTask Urban and myTask Bike (There’s also another variant: the myBike Stash; more on that at the end of the post). This is an overview of what the two cases are and why, if you’re in a metro/urban locale, the cases would be perfect for you.

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myTask iPhone Cases
Like I said, multifunctional cases do not constitute a huge market. The demand – although strong – is not in big numbers. But for those that need the cases, it’s a huge advantage. Carrying a tool-kit with you every time you cycle around the city or go to someplace is not an ideal solution. Integrating the tools with a case – which still looks perfect for the iPhone without adding bulk or being uncomfortably heavy – is probably one of the few good solutions. And that’s just what myTask case for the iPhone does.

Unlike TaskOne – which has only one version – myTask has two variants that targets two distinct groups: one of this is specifically for bikers who’d need a tool like the tire iron or the pedal/axle wrench (or other wrenches for that matter).

myTask Bike interests us more than the Urban variant so let’s have a look at what the former has in store.

myTask Bike iPhone Case
myTask Bike comes with about four different tools (excluding the tube patches) which have about 18 functions in all. The tools are:

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  • A pedal/axle wrench with a tire iron
  • A bottle opener with a tire iron
  • A flathead screwdriver with several wrenches and Phillips screwdriver
  • Another tool with 6 Allen wrenches
  • 3 tube patches

As you can see, this probably fits the description of an optimal tool kit.

myTask Urban iPhone Case
The myTask Urban has a different demography. Here’s what the Urban variant has:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Nail file
  • Full-size scissors
  • Mirror
  • Bottle opener
  • USB drive
  • Touchscreen stylus
  • A black pen (attached to the stylus)
  • Tweezers
  • 3-mode LED light
  • Dual eyeglass screwdrivers
  • Flathead screwdriver

Both the myTsak Urban and Bike carry a slim profile. It doesn’t make sense to carry a bulky case just because you wanted to carry some tools with you. But it’s not all terrifically or magically slim. There’s a little bulk that you will have to put up with – but it’s almost negligible.

By the looks of it, the folks have not missed the fact that it’s an iPhone case – multifunctional, nonetheless. It has to protect the iPhone and the design looks the part. The case comes in a black and a red version, both strikingly good and somewhat “cool”.

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The third variant – myTask Stash – gives complete freedom over what you want to carry inside the case. Unlike Urban or Bike, there are no predefined cutouts for tools so you can put almost anything in the stash – cash, credit cards, some paper or a mini notepad, a thin pen, USB drive, etc.

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Official prices are not yet known. But the cases should top $50 (except for the Stash). The project aims to ship by August 2014 if the funding is successful.