If you'd rather scribble handwritten notes on your iPhone or iPad and then have them converted into text, MyScriptMemo is probably the app you are looking for.

Agreeably, handwritten notes on the iPad (much less, the iPhone) aren't very popular. Not many scribble notes that way on their tablets or smartphones (unless there's a stylus you use actively). But for the few people who do, I think MyScriptMemo would be a very useful app.

MyScriptMemo for iPhone and iPad

MyScriptMemo has been around for a long time and is one of the most-recommended apps for users looking for handwriting to text converters for the iPad or iPhone. The app has a very solid reputation and in our tests, we found that the app really works great. It's character recognition is kind of kickass even when the handwriting is bad.

MyScriptMemo iPhone and iPad App Review

MyScriptMemo's primary purpose is to help you take notse and share them. Pictures, drawings, share to Evernote/Facebook/Twitter – that's the stuff the app is made of. But what it stands out for is its character recognition capability which converts your handwritten notes into plain text that can be shared across. Of course, you can add all sorts of things to your notes – things that are pictures or drawings.

Entire notes can also be exported as an image (besides text). This is for those who want to preserve the handwriting-note or who want to save time. MyScriptMemo does take a while to process handwritten notes into text.

Unlike other note-taking apps like Evernote, MyScriptMemo isn't full-fledged. But it's cool and it flies if you're into simple note taking.

MyScriptMemo is a free app and there's also an iPad only version.

You'll need to do an in-app purchase ($2.99) if you want to share text notes converted from handwritten notes. That's about the only charge you'll have to pay. Most of the other features are free.

Price: Free
Download MyScriptMemo

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