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MyPermissions iPhone App: To Protect Social Profile Data

Most of the apps have a facility to create a new account by connecting with Social Media account of the user. You don’t even need to set the password, as these apps directly confirm your identity using your Social Media profile.

This is certainly the quickest way to log in and also to create a new account on any app. But at the same time, you are granting access to your data to third-party apps. It’s not surprising to note that people can find out a ton of stuff about you through your social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Plus.

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner iPhone App Review

But the real threat comes from apps that have access to your social accounts. We routinely log in to several apps and web service via our social accounts. Facebook and Twitter are often used to login to several apps across the web, on desktops and smartphones.

For instance, I have my Tumblr accessing my Twitter profile. So does Medium, the new web publishing service. Also, several apps have access to my Facebook account. Feedly has access to my Google+ profile. So in essence, there’s a ton of apps accessing my social profile. What data do they have access to? Is it serious data that should actually be protected? Are the apps doing something that I should know of?

Managing apps and security permissions is tough. Not only that, it’s complicated too. But an app for the iPhone, called MyPermissions makes this an easy job to do.

This app is an online privacy shield. There are two things it does perfectly:

  • It lets you configure, control and edit the settings for apps on Facebook/Twitter and others easily
  • It monitors new apps accessing your data and warns you if any app accesses specific personal data from your social profile

The app is very simple to setup and use. What I really liked about the app was that it let me configure permissions for apps (and remove many of them) very easily.

Here’s how MyPermissions iPhone App works:

  • Once you install and run the app, you get this screen where you select the services / social profiles you want to monitor. You can add later too so don’t be very specific about this now
  • Next up, tap on a service to authenticate MyPermissions to access data from that particular profile. The app will only access the information about what apps are using the social profile
  • The app will automatically scan all the data about the app and what it is accessing. Once done, it will show you how many apps are accessing your personal information. You can manage things from here
  • Additionally, you can also add other services and Manage them via the app
  • Next time you let an app/web service access your social profile details, MyPermissions will notify you

As you can see, it is a really simplified way of managing things on your social profile.

That’s all, folks!

Signing Off…

You may think that allowing access to MyPermissions to your social media to find privacy intrusion of a few other apps is ironic, then your thought is correct. But what’s impressive about MyPerrmissions is that it redirects you to official Facebook, or Twitter page.

So basically, you are logging in directly to your social media profile and not granting any access to MyPermissions. I double checked this thing by visiting Settings → Privacy from my Facebook account, couldn’t find MyPermissions anywhere.

Price: Free – with limited features

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Have you tried MyPermissions app on your iDevice? Did you like its functionality? Share your feedback in the comments.

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