Jim Lahey more than revolutionized bread-making at home when he first introduced the no-knead method way back in 2006. Frankly, I wasn’t in that part of the world when it happened and today, when I stumble on his iconic ebook that comes as an iBook for download, it looks like it changes things once again.

His book, My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method, has a ton of reviews and his other book, My Pizza has got some fantastic coverage in the media. That the guy and his work need no introduction goes without saying.

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But what I’m particularly interested in is the iBook variant which, while staying true to the original physical edition, has some awesome features that you will most certainly enjoy.

My Bread iBook ReviewMy Bread iBook

Taking Bread-making to Homes

The No-knead method has been widely-acclaimed as one of the most revolutionary ideas in this decade and probably for a hundred years to come. It takes the rituals of bread-making and makes the process as simple as it can get while making sure you get the best, authentic and a finely-crafted result. The most important part is the simplicity of making bread at home without using the usual equipments.

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For if you take the equipment out, bread-making becomes instantly accessible for a lot of people who’d want to make their own bread.

So How Does an iBook Make a Difference?

The iBook is pretty much the same thing as the hardcover but what makes it interesting is that you can readily access references on the internet if you’re reading the book on your iPad. The copy we have is picturesque – not to mention, quite mouth-watering.

For those of you who’ve never bought the book, it has a ton of detail on how the method works. Richly detailed with enough photos for inspiration and guidance. The first 50-pages or so is a personal story of how Lahey got started with the method and general background information on the no-knead method.

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It gets pretty informative after that. While the focus is on making bread, you also get to see a few detailed glimpses of making pizzas too

I don’t have to “recommend” a book by someone as popular and knowledgeable as Jim Lahey but just in case you’re wondering if it’s worth, I must say it is. Totally.

There are a ton of recipes inside the iBook that you can try out and you’d probably never tire of trying all the recipes in his book.

My Bread costs $13.99 on the iTunes Book Store. You can download it to your iPad and read it via iBooks.

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Download My Bread